5: The Proudest Queen Consort Shines Brilliantly at the Evening Party (I)

“Lady Delphine, have you heard the rumor of the current queen consort, Queen Victoria?!”
“Yes, yes, I have most certainly heard it. Despite her young age, she has much ambition and always stands in front of the king. She must be a lady overflowing with confidence. Unlike her, I must not stand out. Oh, how I envy being able to do such a stunt.”

Poisonous sarcasm wrapped in ten layers of satin were thrown about in this salon.
A gorgeous yet malicious conversation, indeed. The ladies wearing flowery dresses surrounded the maiden(?)-like woman and engaged in lively gossip.

Speaking ill of the newcomer was a common occurrence. A super common occurrence in the royal court and the groundwork for the women’s battlefield.

This was the salon of Delphine Bougée, the official and favorite concubine of the previous king, King Grégoire.
In other words, this was the woman’s castle where only those devoted followers of hers gathered.
People talked about how the concubine was still beautiful even after all this time, but not even the previous king knew her true age. A butler who casually asked for Delphine’s age once was promptly sentenced to banishment. Thus, it became taboo in the royal castle to ask for the beloved concubine’s age.

Additionally, a soldier who had remarked, “Rather than Lady Delphine, Lady Victoria is more of my type of woman~” was “erased” from both his workplace and home several days ago. Thus, this also became another taboo. What happened?

The ladies chirped in delight as they surrounded Delphine, who had a mysterious smile on her face.
Through this so-called enjoyment you can only get from bad-mouthing people together, the ladies were engulfed in a false sense of solidarity.
Such was surely the environment to produce a traitor… although no one would think that during these moments.

“I tell you. I am also envious of that queen consort! She is merely nineteen years old, yet she has such mighty ambitions. We’re too frail to act in that manner, right, Lady Delphine?”
“Yes, yes, that’s true. Our job as ladies is to be protected by the gentlemen. That wildness is unprecedented… She behaves like a man. How improper, yes?”

Delphine covered her mouth with her purple feathered fan and laughed elegantly. The sunlight shining inside the salon made her silver hair sparkle. The beautiful silver color looked to be her natural one, but the ladies were deeply under the impression that it might have perhaps been an attempt to hide any gray hairs.

Although, they knew that if they dared voice that thought, their social death was guaranteed, so they smartly kept their mouths shut.
If they carelessly commented on a lady’s age, their death was inevitable. Such was the royal court.

The authority in this salon, Delphine Bougée, smiled and looked over the ladies present. The official and favorite concubine called “The Hydrangea of the Royal Palace” and “The Violet Bouquet” gave a bewitching smile. After that, she blatantly lowered her eyebrows to fake a sad expression.

“Ladies, this is what I think. If Queen Victoria were to attend the evening party… someone as feeble as I would surely be pushed about, no?”

Hearing their lady sorrowfully mumble, the women scrambled to console her. Their drive to flatter was astonishing.

“Oh, my Lady Delphine! That will not happen!”
“She’s right. Lady Delphine is currently the most influential belle of society in this royal court! There’s no way that greenhorn of a girl could ever match you!”
“Besides, if something were to happen, we shall protect you…!”

The Hydrangea of the Royal Palace smiled faintly. But, her bosom was plump and her waist elegant. The ladies thought that if they were men, they would have been completely bewitched by her. Or rather, they wanted to tell her to make her chest more modest.

“You will all protect me? Oh, how reassured I feel now. …But, I am still terrified that I will meet her at the evening party… Tomorrow night, the new king will be enthroned and Her Royal Highness will be attending the evening party for the first time as the queen consort, right? For some bizarre reason, I have yet to meet with Her Royal Highness. Perhaps I am hated… What if we meet and she throws sludge at me…?”

Delphine fluttered her long eyelashes before looking at the girls.

“Ladies, this is what I think… How refreshed my mood will be if it was certain that Her Royal Highness will not be present at the evening party.”

The girls could guess what was being asked of them.
This woman was fully intent on ostracizing the queen consort of their country from high society.

While Delphine’s faction was strong, the queen consort’s was still weak. A section of the ladies wondered if they were to support Delphine here, was it possible for their positions to worsen in the future, so they kept quiet.

However, a slightly simple-minded girl was mixed among them.

“I understand! Then, for Lady Delphine’s sake, I, Sarah Magne, shall strive to obstruct Her Royal Highness!!!”

This aristocratic lady with unnaturally pink hair named Sarah Magne was…a special kind of person.
Delphine thought, “I definitely can’t use this one,” while maintaining a beautiful smile.

“Oh, thank you…Miss Sarah. I’m so happy that you’ll do that for me. But what methods will you be applying to prevent Her Royal Highness from attending the evening party…?”
“Yes, I will send her a huge pile of presents, but only one of them will be poisoned! The queen consort shouldn’t be able to attend if she has a stomach ache!”

Far from a stomach ache, the queen consort could die depending on the amount of poison.
If this happened and it was discovered that the previous king’s favorite concubine was the mastermind, the crime of treason, the death penalty, and banishment were all within the realm of possibility. Seriously.

Delphine slightly panicked. She attempted to stop Sarah Magne, but the young girl had already rushed out of the salon. She was the personification of proactiveness.

“Then, look forward to it! You don’t need the kni~ghts!!! Lady Delphine, Sarah will absolutely return with results! Just sit back and relax!”

Her methods were different.

Lady Sarah Magne truly was a strange one.

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