The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions

Title: The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions (吸血鬼と愉快な仲間たち)
Author: Konohara Narise (木原音瀬)
Illustrator: Shimomura Fumi (下村富美)
Genre: Romance
Albert Irving is a man from Nebraska who was turned into a vampire 8 years ago. However, the transformation didn’t go exactly how it should have—he ended up a half-formed vampire without fangs and unable to control his transformations from human to bat, causing him to be bat by day and human by night. A series of mishaps leads him to wind up in Japan with no place to stay, and another series of mishaps leads to him staying with an embalmer named Akira who is the complete opposite of Al’s personality: a tsundere who doesn’t know how to open his heart to others.

*Note: Each volume is essentially one chapter, so the translator has arbitrarily decided to split the volumes into chapters for ease of posting.

Available here: amazon

Volume 1: The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions
Chapter 1

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