Volume 2 Characters

Vol 2 Cover

Important Characters (Volume 2)
I had put the character sheet for the 1st volume at the end, but starting from this volume onwards, I will put these in the beginning to prioritize ease of reading.
There will be spoilers, but I have kept them to a minimum, but nevertheless,

“There will be spoilers for those who have yet read the main story of Volume 2.”

Please keep this in mind before reading.

Nicknames will be placed in ( ). Ages and records will be from the beginning of the 2nd volume.
I have omitted details for those characters who have already made their appearance in the 1st volume.

◆the North

Phineas (Fin)

• Protagonist. Was previously an orphan. Is currently the adopted son of Oandus.
• He swore an Oath of Kinship with the Sky Dragon Dialphalena, thus becoming a Dragon Lord.

Dialphalena (Leena)

• The girl who is also the Sky Dragon. Her true form is pure white, furry, and giant.

Oandus / Fauna

• A married couple who used to live in Nanais, but are now running the Mill in Comillis.


• Daughter of Oandus and Fauna. An apprentice priest in the Temple of Neena.

Maxentius (Max)

• Used to be an orphan in Tetna Acts as Fin’s younger brother.


• Used to be an orphan in Tetna. A sweet girl with black hair and green eyes.


• A former army corps soldier raised in Tetna. Is currently the captain of the Mill.


• Same as above. Varte’s acquaintance. A slender archer. In his 40s. Dark blonde hair. Taciturn.


• A girl from Comillis. 18-19 years old. Her specialty is making sweets.


• A sailor born in Nanais. Fin’s childhood friend. Black hair and brown eyes. 20 years old. Ends his sentences with “ッス”

◆the Mountain Range

Verdant Mist

• Member of the Salda tribe. Dark Dragon Lord. Silver hair. Saffron eyes. Appears to be in his 40s.

Verdant Leaves

• Member of the Salda tribe. A beautiful girl with silver hair and gray eyes. 17 years old. Unyielding.

◆Nornikom (Southeastern part of the continent)

Elecia Rofurus Tius

• Flame Dragon Lord. Female head of the Tius family. Widow. 38 years old. Wavy auburn hair and brown eyes.
• The previous emperor Genas killed her husband, two children, and a countless number of her retainers, causing her to revolt in revenge.
• Currently, she had seized the provincial capital of Comus, renamed it Rofuria, and called herself king of Nornikom.


• The Flame Dragon. The one Elecia formed a bond with.

Marius Fialuke

• Commander of Nornikom’s cavalry. A substantial commander-in-chief. In his late 20s.


• Elecia’s attendant. Daughter of a respected family. In her mid-20s.

◆Imperial Capital

Valis Graedius Gensius

• Current emperor. Dark blonde hair and umber eyes. 27 years old. A tranquil beauty. Is depressed that military affairs is his weak point.

Grause Oracius Tiore

• Commander-in-chief of the Imperial Army. Also serves as captain of the Imperial Garrison at the same time, but the vice-captain is the one in charge of the practical matters.
• Curly black hair and brown eyes. 35 years old. Jovial and big-hearted. Someone who can’t tidy up.

Islev Forsana Caelius

• Member of the Imperial Council. From the northern region. In his 40s. Salt and pepper hair. Mossy green eyes.

Felcius Confernius Dektae

• Same as above. From the main country. In the latter half of his 60s. His blonde hair has turned into a pale white color.

◆Southwestern region • the Great Forest


• Runaway boy. 13 years old. Honey-colored hair and saffron eyes. Delicate and kind.


• Cestus’ older sister. Dark green hair and cornflower-colored eyes.


• King of the Fidae tribe. Olgu’s Dragon Lord. The one he formed a bond with was Orgendius.
• Had remained hidden in the Great Forest since ancient times. Black hair and blue eyes. Is more or less a woman.


Cenate Austra Iorg

• Lord of Nakte. Dragon Lord Cenate. 65 years old. White hair and charcoal eyes. Proud, stubborn, and cool-headed.


• Dragon Lord Cenate’s daugther and Cenate Jr.’s mother. Golden hair and amber eyes. In her 30s.

Rufus Austra Iorg

• His name before marriage was Actia Nashia. Fernanna’s husband. Son-in-law of the lord of Nakte. In his 40s.
• Gray hair and gray eyes. Commander of the 4th Army Corps in the Imperial Army.

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