4: The Proudest Queen Consort Repels Bullets with Her Dress (III)

“‘The Eternally Lovey-Dovey Partner of the Automatic Sprinkler’… Couldn’t you have chosen a better name…?”
“I say that it’s a fine name. I’m rather proud of it.”
“Can’t you just be more direct with your love for me?”
“Aren’t I lovey-dovey with you in bed?”

The prince was about to spit out the cake he had been eating in the garden in the middle of the day.

“Th-that might be true! But! You lift up my chin and tell me ‘I like you…’ and ‘I love you…’ Please consider how I feel about that!”
“Are you not pleased? You enjoy it, yes?”
“Do you enjoy it?”

In the end, the king was weak to the queen consort.

The two were presently having tea in the royal garden. The gun-wielding had brought this black tea with him from his hometown and had told the head maid to give it to the royal couple. It was tested for poison just in case, but what they discovered was that instead of poison, it was an extremely high-class item. How peaceful.

“Victoria, your naming sense needs a bit more work… I also thought this when you named the royal guard dog’s new puppy ‘General’ the other day…”
“Is General not a fine name? Names and nature often agree.”

Frederick was well-aware that his queen was excessively arrogant, but he still found the name ‘General’ strange.

“Then, is that the same for ‘The Eternally Lovey-Dovey Partner of the Automatic Sprinkler’…?”
“Mhm, it’s easy to understand. Names and nature often agree, yes?”

Frederick slightly blushed and drank some tea.
It was only recently that he learned directly from this lady that he had earned the nickname of “Automatic Sprinkler” because he had been too much of a crybaby when he was younger.

Victoria suddenly placed her cup of tea down and said.

“By the way, Fred.”
“I wish to ask about the time you annulled our engagement not too long ago. Why did you decide on that?”

Abruptly poked where it hurt, Frederick was about to drop his tea cup. A hand swiftly came from his side and placed the cup back on the table. The skill required to catch every single drop of tea that had spilled from the cup wasn’t a simple feat a queen consort could do. Yet, she did. Those handsome butlers couldn’t hold a candle to her.

Frederick put aside those thoughts and looked at his queen consort.

“…Well… You’re just too strong…proud…and cool… I started to lose my confidence as a man… That was when Lady Maria treated me kindly… She told me that I was very masculine. She made me lunch. She handed me a towel after I enjoyed a nice and leisurely ride on my horse. That cute girl…Maria said that she wanted me to announce in front of everyone that I chose her, so I just…”
“So, your feelings wavered, correct?”
“Yes… I’m sorry…”

The king was an idiot, but at the same time, he was a meek and honest man.
“I see,” Victoria nodded and pinned the king to a conveniently nearby pillar.

“What’s going on?!”
“It’s fine. You’re attractive, Fred. You’ve charmed me so much that I can’t stop feeling attracted to you. When you annulled our engagement, I wouldn’t have renewed our engagement like that if I didn’t love you, you know? You are an idiot, but I am immensely in love with that honest and charming side of you.”
“Don’t say that…! You’re embarrassing me…!”
“Why is that? You don’t hate it, correct?”

She smiled, brimming with confidence. Her smile was lovely and graceful and belonged to the handsome and glamorous beauty who hadn’t changed since the first day of their engagement.
In contrast, Frederick was bright red. He no longer knew which one of them was the actual consort.

“I don’t hate it! But let me be on the giving side sometimes…!”
“Mhm. I will allow it.”
“You’ll allow it…”

Victoria easily backed off and purposely stood next to the pillar.
Frederick timidly and gently placed his hand on the side of the woman’s cheek. This wasn’t pinning her against the wall; it was softer.

“What do you mean ‘then’?”
“Fool. You do not know that either?”

The king was scolded out of the blue and quickly became teary-eyed. The beautiful, young king was handsome, but his quickness to start bawling still hadn’t been fixed yet.
The queen consort put her hand on this man’s chin. Then, the hand made its way to the back of his neck and drew him close.

I’ll be kissed—…! Frederick thought.

Just before the distance between their lips completely closed, Victoria stopped.

“Oh? Were you not the one who said he wanted to take the initiative?”

Victoria’s beautiful, mischievous eyes narrowed in a smile. Her vibrant, bewitching lips curved to form an arrogant smile.
King Frederick was frozen for a moment before becoming bashful and blushing.

Then, he brushed the queen consort’s golden hair and placed a peck on her lips.

When their lips separated, the queen consort smiled delightfully.

“Here’s your reward.”

The king’s vision was abruptly flipped. He was on the ground and blinked several times. The back of his body and head crashed onto the soft lawn. When he looked up, he saw Victoria’s beautiful face right above him.
She had pushed him down even though they were in the royal garden in the middle of the day. Moreover, it was a girl who pushed the king down.
The king was greatly perplexed. Although, this young man was always in a state of confusion.

While Frederick’s mind was somewhere else, Victoria said.

“You are my man. Now and forever. Whether it be lunches or towels, I will personally prepare whatever it is you desire.”

Victoria said with a bright smile, infusing her love into that brilliance.

—Queen Victoria Winner Ostwen was the proudest in the world today as well.

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