A Mild Noble’s Vacation Suggestion

Title: A Mild Noble’s Vacation Suggestion (穏やか貴族の休暇のすすめ。)
Author: Misaki (岬)
Illustrator: Sando (さんど)
Genre: High-fantasy
The story of a mild noble who slipped from one fantasy world into another. While he had no particular blessings in this other world, there was also no particular crisis. Until he returns, he will spend his warm days as an adventurer while being questioned and seen as a full-fledged nobleman. Brotherhood. Deep friendships. Because there is no feelings of love, this is not BL. While it may seem like it to that extent, I have to warn those who dislike such to refrain from reading.

Available here: syosetu and official site

Fan Discord: https://discord.gg/fGrmTeYwCS

1: Conspicious
2: Caught
3: Registered
4: Finished Reading
5: Won’t Let Escape
6: Parentheses Alias
7: Played with Some Kittens
8: Want to Sleep
9: Deeply Embarrassed
10: The Pair of Peers
11: Minding the Little Things From the Heart
12: Denied
13: Teasing the Youth
Idle Chitchat 1: In the Other World at That Time (Immediately After Disappearance)
14: Working Hard?
15: Back to Business
16: Unconcerned About People’s Romance
17: He Writhed in Shame the Next Day

2 responses to “A Mild Noble’s Vacation Suggestion”

  1. kuroyuki1974 Avatar

    Is this the light Novel or the web novel?


    1. AdCaelum Avatar

      This is the web novel, although I do own the light novel.


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