※ These novels have ongoing translations. While slow in updates, they haven’t been dropped unless I have announced that they are.

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Ashes and Kingdoms

The twilight of an old empire, in the northern frontier where public order has crumbled, beasts of the night were threatening the people’s lives. A young miller named Phineas and his family were separated from their windmill and reluctantly escaped to a town controlled by army soldiers who had became bandits. However, there was no proper living there either. This is the story of a young boy, who while supported by his family and friends, roams, searching for safety and peace until he can rebuild his hometown.

A Mild Noble’s Vacation Suggestion

The story of a mild noble who slipped from one fantasy world into another. While he had no particular blessings in this other world, there was also no particular crisis. Until he returns, he will spend his warm days as an adventurer while being questioned and seen as a full-fledged nobleman. Brotherhood. Deep friendships. Because there is no feelings of love, this is not BL. While it may seem like it to that extent, I have to warn those who dislike such to refrain from reading.

Associate Professor Takatsuki Akira’s Inference

“Mysteries are composed of phenomena and interpretations, Fukamachi-kun.”

University student Fukamachi Naoya possessed ears that could hear people’s lies, isolating him from others. After deciding to take “Folklore Studies 2” on a whim, he somehow caught the attention of Takatsuki Akira, the associate professor in charge of the lectures. This man immediately becomes excited whenever he encounters a mystery, so Naoya becomes his assistant whose role is to “bring him back to earth.”
As the two became closer, Naoya discovered that Takatsuki’s eyes occasionally turned blue like the night sky and the man possessed perfect memory.
In reality, Takatsuki also experienced something strange when he was young… 


The day prior to female otaku Hayakawa Ryouko’s 35th birthday, she departed the world in a traffic accident. As she opened her eyes again, she was reincarnated into a beautiful blonde-haired prince of a great kingdom in a fantasy world.
In that great kingdom… In Greisis kingdom, there’s a king despised by his retainers, tyrant nobles, corrupt officials, and so on… It’s in a precarious situation.
For the sake of protecting his father and family, as well as helping the citizens, the reincarnated Prince Herscherik is determined to fight.
Making use of his skill as an office clerk in the past, being full of initiative in his nature along with his (otaku-ish) intellect, the reincarnated prince faces many kinds of incidents.

The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions

Albert Irving is a man from Nebraska who was turned into a vampire 8 years ago. However, the transformation didn’t go exactly how it should have—he ended up a half-formed vampire without fangs and unable to control his transformations from human to bat, causing him to be bat by day and human by night. A series of mishaps leads him to wind up in Japan with no place to stay, and another series of mishaps leads to him staying with an embalmer named Akira who is the complete opposite of Al’s personality: a tsundere who doesn’t know how to open his heart to others.

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