Volume 1 Characters

Vol 1 Cover

Important Characters (Volume 1) 【Map Included】
Information, no spoilers, about characters that appeared. Inside the parenthesis is their nickname and the character’s age is from the beginning of this volume.


  • Phineas (Fin)

    • Protagonist. A young man who was an orphan. Five years ago, he became the adopted son of Oandus.
    • 18 years old. Black hair and light blue eyes. Face may be a bit rigid, but his personality is dependable and diligent.
    • According to his younger sister, he is “as damn serious as a gravestone and more boring than a dead fish.”
  • Oandus

    • Miller who lived in the outskirts of Nanais. Black hair and black eyes. In his 30s. Honest.
  • Fauna

    • Oandus’wife. Blonde hair and brown eyes. In her 30s. Gentle.
  • Nellis

    • Daughter of Oandus and Fauna. Blonde hair and hazel eyes. 14 years old.
    • says many hateful things and her speech is rough, but her love for her family is strong.
  • Masod

    • Regimental commander of the Nanais Station garrison. Presently in charge of the city on behalf of the mayor.
  • Iguros

    • Army soldier. Born and raised in Tetna. 30 years old.
  • Fianera

    • Priestess of the Temple of Audia. Supports the mentality of the citizens.
  • Dialphalena (Leena)

    • Unidentified girl who appears only at night. Appears to be around 16 years old. Gold and silver hair and golden eyes.
    • Whole body is covered with a faint light. Innocent.


  • Maxentius (Max)

    • Orphan. Light brown hair and grey eyes.
    • Although small compared to the other 15 years old, he is robust and healthy. Cheerful.
  • Fernaine

    • Orphan. Iguros’ niece. Black hair and green eyes. Sweet girl. 8 years old.


  • Varte

    • Former member of the Tetna Station garrison, and currently the captain of a party that patrols the outside of the walls. In his 40s. Blonde hair and brown eyes.
    • Sometimes shows hostility towards Fin.
  • Eutis

    • Same as above. currently a member of the patrolling party. In his 20s. Blonde curly hair. Baby-faced.
  • Dirgius

    • Commander of the 8th Corps. Essentially the dictator of Winea.
  • Ancius

    • Dirgius’ second in command.
  • Fentaus

    • Priest of the Temple of Neena. small and with a round face. In his 50s.

Map of Diatius

The scale is very rough, but it is enough to grasp the approximate positions of everything.
The places with no connection to the story are roughly omitted in the white area. However, that is not to say that it is an uninhabited wasteland.
It’s established that the land continues a little farther on the eastern side of the Deep Ravine, but as this has no connection to the period set in the story, the finer details are not fixed.

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