Ashes and Kingdoms v1 SS

<Message from me:> A double-upload today. This is the Side Story for Volume 1. I’ve also uploaded the character sheet for Volume 2, but be warned that it does contain spoilers. This one, though, is fine. Enjoy~

The Younger Sister’s and Older Brother’s Opinions

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Ashes and Kingdoms v2 1-1

<A Message from me:> Welcome to Volume 2~ I’ve actually translated the volume 1 SS and the character sheet for volume 2. As they contain some slight spoilers, I was debating if I should post them or not. Let me know!

1-1. The Flame Dragon Lord of the East

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Sorcerer King Ch. 1

I’ve been reading this story for a while and really loved it. I saw recently that the 2nd volume as well as a crossover with Overlord was released for this story, got super excited, and speed-translated this in the 4 days. I don’t know how the upload schedule will look, as I don’t have a schedule anymore, but I will continue to translate as much as I could. Though the chapters are super long…

Chapter 1: Beginning and Choice

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Excuses and Future Plans

Hi guys, I know I said that I would only be away for a month, but it turned out to be 2. Really sorry ’bout that.

This might turn out into a long post so here’s a TL;DR: I have a full-time job now, so I can only work on and post chapters whenever I have time, which isn’t much. I’ll continue to translate though, as I love these stories.

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 5-6

Message from translator: Sorry for the horribly long delay for this chapter. I’ll explain everything in an announcement post soon.

Anyways, welcome to the end of Volume 1! It took two years to get here, but we made it! Also, that ending. That’s the good stuff I look for.

Volume 1, 5-6: Evening Bell

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October Hiatus

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed both Ashes and Kingdoms and Herscherik are at their final chapters for their respected 1st volume! Yay, we made it!

Unfortunately, this announcement isn’t a joyous one.
I am sorry to inform all of you that I will be taking a break for a whole month (yes, that means until mid-November). There is a lot going on in my life right now. Just know that this has caused the number of responsibilities and obligations I have to double. I currently only have around 10 minutes of free time a day. As you can see, this isn’t really sufficient time to get any real translating done.
Hopefully by mid-November, everything will either settle down or I will have adjusted my own schedule to increase my free time. Either way, Volume 2 of both novels will be on hold.

But for those who are worried that they won’t be able to read the ending of Ashes and Kingdoms Volume 1, don’t worry; I have most of it done, and it should be up at its scheduled date.

Until then~

Ashes and Kingdoms v1 5-4

Message from translator: Just wondering, who did you think this title was referring to both before and after reading the chapter?

Edit: I don’t know what happened with the posting of this chapter. Sorry, if you clicked on the link on NU yesterday and was met with an error. The chapter is up properly now.

Volume 1, 5-4: Coward

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