Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-5

Message from translator: So I’ve decided to go with linked footnotes (though no one answered in the last post TT^TT). Anyways, in this part, we get some sweet character interactions between Fin and the others.

Volume 1, 2-5: Underneath the Moonlight

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-4

TL notes: OK, so 2 weeks is quite doable for me right now, so I’ll be sticking with this schedule for a while. Also if there are any weird translations, would you like me to add little translation notes right next to it or create footnotes and link to them within the text? It does get a little weird when trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Anyways, this part has quite the tense scene, but how will our heroes fare? I hope you enjoy~

Volume 1, 2-4: The Trap that Obstructed Their Way

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-3

TL notes: As it’s been a year since I started, I’ve decided to start increasing the frequency of my releases to be twice a month. Hopefully this decision doesn’t kill me, but if I can manage everything out, translations and life, then I *could* increase this to even once a week. But we’ll have to see. Anyways, as you can tell by the chapter title, we have a calm chapter. Though, there’s quite the ominous vibe to it, eh?

Volume 1, 2-3: A Moment of Peace

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-2

TL notes: Woo~, introduction of a new character! So, this character talks with a stutter, which is why there are multiple commas in the sentence. So, no I did not accidentally hit the comma key; it was all intentional. Anyways, enjoy the chapter!

Volume 1, 2-2: The Girl

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-1

TL notes: Now we start on Chapter 2 of the 1st volume! I realized that I’ve been posting each part in r/noveltranslations as a chapter, when they’ve all been a part of one chapter, so I’m going to be changing that (Sorry for the confusion). Also, I’ve decided to uppercase “Beasts of Darkness” and “Followers of Darkness” as we get a peek into their origin. I would like to think that I’m improving in my translations, so I hope you enjoy the chapter!

Volume 1, 2-1: Trip to the South

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 1-8

TL notes: It gets confusing to translate the point of view. The story is narrated by Fin, but at the same time, it’s third-person. At first, I thought that the thoughts were enclosed by parentheses, but in this story, Fin’s thoughts are written just the same as part of the story. Not sure if that makes sense to readers, but I’ll try my best to make it understandable. If you have any tips to make it more understandable, feel free to let me know. Also, in case you’re wondering what a “leather strop” is, it’s pretty much a leather strap used to grind/file things. Anyways, this is the end of the first chapter, so enjoy~

Edit: I confused the city’s name. It’s supposed to be Winea instead of Vitia. Vitia is the providence

Volume 1, 1-8: A Wager on Fate

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 1-7

TL notes: I wasn’t quite sure how to translate “η”ŸγθΏ”γ‚‹” in an easy-to-understand way. The phrase means to “return to living”, but don’t ya think it’s a bit too much? I understand the author’s intentions to say that Fin “returned to life” as in he regained himself, but I just kept it as “revived”. Hopefully, my way makes sense though… Anyways, enjoy the chapter~

Volume 1, 1-7: Seeds of Hope

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