Hiatus Update

Hey guys~ I’m alive!
Translations will hopefully resume soon, but there’ll be changes to scheduling and such. I’m currently working on a big translation project (not sure if I can spoil the surprise here.)
In any case, please sit tight and I’ll come back better and stronger.

Oh, and have you guys been reading anything interesting in the meantime? I missing reading and want to get some of your suggestions (actual novels or translations.)

Indefinite Hiatus

Hey everyone!
I unfortunately have some bad news: I will be taking a break from translating.
I had mentioned before that I only had time on the weekends to translate, but with the holiday season around the corner, my weekends are now busy, giving me barely anytime to really sit down and translate. (Which is why I had been radio-silent since last month)

Of course, I don’t plan on quitting. I have actually have up to Ch.18 of Sorcerer King translated but hadn’t gotten around to editing them.
It’s very likely that I’ll be back around January or February next year, but I don’t know for certain and want to get your hopes up.

I apologize again and hope to see you again soon.

Delay in recent updates

Hey guys, back again with another excuse…er, I mean, reason why the chapter hasn’t been released yet. As of writing this, I’ve been dog-sitting for my relative. Dogs are surprisingly demanding of attention 24/7.
I already have little free time when I come home, but now that time has been allocated to walking, feeding, and playing with the dog.
I’ll be returning the dog back next month, so hopefully the chapter will be ready by then~

Sorcerer King Ch. 10

<Message from the translator:>It’s been over a month sweats …Sorry about that. Work has been so draining, and I’ve been feeling burnt out every day because of it. And it doesn’t really help that chapters just get longer, but don’t worry. I’m still continue to translate. The only reason why I can post this chapter now is because it’s a day off today 😛

Chapter 10: The Second Encounter

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Update: Sorcerer King Terminology

I’ve been thinking about changing the terms for this novel. When I was reading the raws for the most recent manga chapter, I remembered that there’s technically 3 different terms for “magic” in this world. As such, I’ll be working on editing the previous chapters to match while the new chapter is being translated. (You’ll actually be surprised how long it actually took me to think of new terms…)

So far, the terms changing will be so far are:

魔法 (mahou) = magic / 魔法陣 (mahou-jin) = magic array
魔術 (majutsu) = wizardry / 魔術者 (majutsu-sha) = wizard / 魔術式 (majutsu-shiki) = spell / 魔術陣 (majutsu-jin) = spell circle
魔力 (maryoku) = mana / 魔術入門 (majutsu-nyuumon) = Introduction to Wizardry
魔導 (madou) = sorcery

Sorcerer King Ch. 9

<Message from the translator:> Sorry for the long delay. I was sick and went to sleep right after work for a while. I’m feeling better, so everything’s all good. But just wondering, do any of you guys look at the sidebar for update info? Or do you just watch NU for the updates?
Anyway~ so here we learn that the MC doesn’t know his own name? What name do you think it was/should be?

Chapter 9: Pet Dog and Name

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