Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-3

Message from translator: Oh wow, our first major fight scene. We get to see some violent descriptions, but don’t worry; it’s not gory or anything like that. Hopefully after this experience, we can see how our characters will grow and change after that exchange. Also, in case you guys were wondering why this chapter is a week early, it’s because I’ll be gone next week and unable to update. As such, enjoy this early update and the next part will be up at March 7th.

Volume 1, 3-3: Just a Little Farther

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-2

Message from translator: A Valentine’s Day release! And this chapter fits pretty well, if I do say so myself. The lightheartedness continues, but for how much longer? We’re making slow progress, but it’s progress nevertheless (or that’s what I tell myself every time I start translating).

Volume 1, 3-2: Rain

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-1

Message from translator: Sigh I wish I could add JavaScript to the page. That way the footnotes and pictures would come out more nicely, but that’s the sad truth I face by running this site for free, but I’ll manage it. Though, I have updated the novel’s index page (as well as added the translated character sheet), so do let me know if this new format is better. I don’t want to make you guys scroll down too far when we get further down the novel. Just hover the mouse over the chapter number and the title will show up (same for the footnotes on the chapters). But back to the story. Kyaa, that chapter ending. So cute (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡ I live for those blushing moments. Hopefully it will make up for my shortcomings.

Volume 1, 3-1: Departing Again

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-8

Message from translator: This chapter has a good mix of despair and fluffiness. How does our author do it? What a nice way to end Chapter 2 (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄). Ugh, it’s so sweet. But unfortunately, I don’t think this happiness will last for long…but that’s just the way the story is. Anyways, enjoy~

Volume 1, 2-8: A Way to Advance Ahead

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-7

Message from translator: Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. I know I said that I’ll be back in a month, but it felt wrong to not give you readers something to enjoy for the holidays and new year (plus leaving such a big cliffhanger for a month is just cruel). I’m still working on the backlog, but it’s getting there! Anyways, here we are introduced to the remnants of Tetna as well as a new problem. Enjoy~

Volume 1, 2-7: With the Children of the Town

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-6

Message from translator: If you haven’t yet, please check the announcement I’ve posted yesterday. Check the countdown on the sidebar on the home page to see the next release date.

Will our heroes arrive at their destination? Well, yeah. It’s in the title…But how is the town’s situation? It’s been built up for these past parts, and I think the part’s payoff was done quite well. And that last sentence….ooh, makes you want to read more, right?

Volume 1, 2-6: Tetna

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Update – About the Backlog

If you were to compare my releases from the beginning of the year to now, you would see that I’ve increased my frequency. And there’s only one word to describe why: backlog. So, since my 1st release, I’ve been trying to build a backlog so I can still keep updating even while I’m not translating but focusing on my studies. Over the summer, I had a surplus of time so that’s why I could do regular updates as well as increase the frequency to what it is now.

Now here’s the main reason for this update— the backlog has run dry.  ∑(O_O;)

After tomorrow’s update, I’ll be taking a month off to rebuild some of it back as well as take a break for the holidays and rest after all my studies. But after that, I should be back and return to the biweekly schedule. should…

Time to run away before you start throwing rocks at me~ ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄▽ ̄)┘

Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-4

TL notes: OK, so 2 weeks is quite doable for me right now, so I’ll be sticking with this schedule for a while. Also if there are any weird translations, would you like me to add little translation notes right next to it or create footnotes and link to them within the text? It does get a little weird when trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Anyways, this part has quite the tense scene, but how will our heroes fare? I hope you enjoy~

Volume 1, 2-4: The Trap that Obstructed Their Way

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-3

TL notes: As it’s been a year since I started, I’ve decided to start increasing the frequency of my releases to be twice a month. Hopefully this decision doesn’t kill me, but if I can manage everything out, translations and life, then I *could* increase this to even once a week. But we’ll have to see. Anyways, as you can tell by the chapter title, we have a calm chapter. Though, there’s quite the ominous vibe to it, eh?

Volume 1, 2-3: A Moment of Peace

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