Ashes and Kingdoms v2 1-4

<A Message from the translator:> We get to meet the character that was introduced in the volume 1 side story~ He’s one of those genki-types, and I love it. And I also love how this chapter ends, so good stuff all around. Enjoy!~

1-4. An Old Friend

When they returned to the cape with the windmill, an unexpected guest was waiting for them.

“Heeey, Fin!”

The loud voice traveled far. Fin could clearly make out the figure waving their hand with the setting sun in the backdrop. He strained his eyes because of the light, but before he could identify the guest, they had come running up to him in a hurry. No sooner did Fin raise a surprised remark did the person open both arms and roughly tackle Fin. The momentum caused Fin to stumble and plant his feet firmly into the ground in a panic.


“Hey hey. It really is you. You’re alive! You got the devil’s luck, you bastard!”

A voice coupled with surprise and elation was his response. Fin was taken aback, but after they separated a little while later, he composed himself and stared at Taz’s face. This was the smiling face of the childhood friend he grew up together in the orphanage. He couldn’t forget it even if he tried. His black hair was dry because of the salty sea air and his skin tanned by the sun. His bare arms had become thick and burly beyond recognition, but his mischievous way of smiling hadn’t changed a bit.

“You…I see. So you were in this town?”

Taz was two years older than Fin, but he wasn’t blessed with foster parents until he turned 15. It was around the same time Fin was adopted into Oandus’ home that Taz was picked up and boarded a merchant ship alone as an apprentice sailor. Since then, he had occasionally returned to Nanais and visited Fin, but the number of times this happened was not an impressive number.

“It’s been a while.”

Fin showed a wide, relieved smile while Taz agreed with a nod, “I’ll say.” They tightly hugged each other again. This time, Fin also returned the tight embrace, both of the checking that the other was alright. Afterward, Taz’s gaze turned to Fin’s accompanies and his eyes began to water.

“I see that Nellis is safe, too. I’m really glad… Since Nanais had turned into such a state, I was completely convinced that everyone had died.”

“—! What did you just say!?”

Fin and Nellis shouted at the same time and drew closer to Taz, causing him to falter and avert his gaze. He questioned himself whether or not those were the right words to have said.

“Taz, please tell us. What did you see in Nanais? We had left about 3 months ago, and at that time, the army corps was managing to push back the Beasts of Darkness. After that, Nanais….”

Fin hesitated. He searched for milder words and continued.

“Fell….or so I’ve heard. Did you see what happened that day?”

There was a long silence before Taz answered. His gaze dropped and he mumbled in a vague tone, different from his usual manner.

“Yeah. If you’ve heard the rumors, then…yeah, it probably as you’d guessed. It was a complete mess. The city burned. Rubble covered in soot and ashes…It looked like the temple had also crumbled.”


Nellis covered her mouth with both hands, but a faint cry leaked out. Fin remained silent with a sorrowful look, his gaze dropped down to the ground. As expected, Nellis’ intuition was right. There was no mistake.

Taz tried to comfort the sullen brother and sister with a forced bright tone.

“But, you know, we didn’t even disembark. Some people were going to take a small boat to go and replenish our water supply, but it was already late in the day so it would be dangerous. In the end….what I’m trying to say is that we didn’t do a thorough search. That’s why, there still may be a chance, right?”

“Yeah,” Fin matched with a strong reply. “I don’t think that Captain Masod would easily kick the bucket. Plus, there’s the possibility that they managed to safely escape in the nick of time. They could be arriving in Winea or even Vertia by boat by now.”

“Their destination was probably Winea.”

Taz shrugged his shoulders. Fin asked with a look, “What do you mean?” Taz scratched his head for a bit before explaining.

“Boats can no longer approach Vertia. It’s packed full of refugees… If you carelessly approach them, you will have your food rations, clothes…everything ripped from you before they drive you away. And if you’re unlucky, you could be killed and have your boat stolen. It’s been about half a year since then. For a while, you could at least replenish your water supply there, but now, it’s definitely no good. That’s why this will be the last time our boat will make the trip north.”

Taz finished by saying, “At any rate, there aren’t any decent customers there,” but Fin gave a dumbfounded nod in response. Was that so? Was that why Masod couldn’t escape by boat? He must have made at least an attempt once. But…

“Taz? Is that you, Taz?”

“Ah, Mr. Oandus! Long time no see!”

In order to get rid of this gloomy atmosphere, Taz deliberately greeted Oandus with a loud voice. Fauna popped up from behind her husband and raised a delightful voice.

“Oh, it really has been a while. I’m glad that you’re safe.”

“I’m impressed you found us here.”

Caught up in the couple’s friendliness, Taz’s face broke out into a smile again.

“Well, I was really surprised. My mates had gone out to have some fun but came back super disappointed, saying that the windmill turned into a mill. I didn’t really get what they were talking ’bout. I mean, well, yeah, shouldn’t that be obvious? But, apparently, this place had the best drinks and women…Er, I mean, it was a location where sailors could buy various pleasures.”

“No way. Was that your intention coming here as well?”

Fin flashed a sarcastic look yet Taz took no offense and slapped Fin’s shoulders.

“Stupid. You know that ain’t true. I’m the type to stay away from danger. That’s the secret to surviving. Anyways, the group that came back mentioned Mr. Oandus’ name. I couldn’t believe my ears, so I came running here. Yeah, this was quite the surprise.”

“Yes, thanks for coming by.”

Oandus nodded, and Fauna proposed that they all eat dinner together. Since this group didn’t have a reserved relationship, Taz excitedly joined the family at the table.

Because this building had a large number of adults living there before, there were plenty of useful things left behind for everyone in the Millers to live comfortably: a wide kitchen, a cauldron, a hearth, a modest yet wide table, and solid benches. Those from the main country would either sit cross-legged on a carpet or lie sideways on a couch while they ate. However, in the north, that manner of eating was limited to those who had money.

As the appetizing steam from the fresh fish and vegetables boiling in the pot rose, the group who had left for the tavern just came back. The Millers couldn’t make enough money to buy enough food for everyone to eat outside, and there was no way that Fauna and Nellis could prepare enough. As such, this became a strange compromise, eventually turning into a habit.

In the middle of the idle conversations happening at the dining table, Nellis interjected.

“Mom, a customer might come over to visit in the future and bring some snacks for us.”

“What do you mean?”

Fauna blinked, confused, so Nellis and Max retold their encounter with the girl before. Varte whistled and jeered.

“Yo, Phineas! You, lady-killer!”

“That’s not it.”

Fin hid the pain in his chest and showed a wry smile. Unaware of Fin’s look, Nellis and Taz snickered and teased the boy.

“What are you talking about? She’s definitely interested in you! You love precious things. You gotta catch her!”

“So envious. I’m surrounded by bastards all day and live a benefit-less life. Ah, should I change my job?”

Although the two bantered, Fin remained silent.

—That night, Fin had a dream.

A dream about the girl he saw in the evening.

Unlike his peers, Fin had hardly felt any desire towards the opposite sex, so he was shocked at his own dream. Only as of recently had he experienced sensations of lust, but they were only on the level where they can be repressed by reason.

This dream was different.

Fin held the unnamed girl in his arms, kissed her, ran his hand through her hair, and removed her clothes. It didn’t matter to him what the girl thought of this or of him.

The tenderness of her warm and round breasts and the smooth curves of her hips. He wanted a taste–– Before he realized it, he devoured them greedily. Literally.

Instead of placing a kiss, he grew fangs and sunk his teeth into her, tearing off her flesh.

With the same intention as his first, kind touches, his sharp claws dug into the skin, cutting deep.

He ate her flesh and drank her blood like a starved beast. His own form had begun to change. Claws. Fangs. Horns with sharp edges. Wings on his back—


He forced his eyes open the same moment he jumped up. His hands tightly gripped the thin blanket, and cold beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

Without waiting for his rapid heartbeat to slow down, Fin jumped out of bed and ran outside, unconcerned that he had stumbling over the men sleeping on the floor.

The roar of the waves hit his ears, and the lukewarm wind wrapped around his body.


He shouted in the direction of the sea. There was no response. Fin hugged himself and called out even louder.


A surprised presence responded. Fin let out a sigh of relief and looked up at the dark sky. Immediately after, a white, glimmering dragon flew down and landed on the cape. Eyes like full moons stared at Fin and blinked several times. Leena tilted her head and brought her nose close to him. Fin pressed his body against it, surrounding himself in its gentle warmth.

[Where did you go?]

[I wanted to fly for a bit. I can’t really come out during the day, so I wanted to at least look at the sea at night.]

Fin remembered how he had shown the sea in Nanais to Leena before and felt a little bad about it. He felt ashamed that Leena’s freedom was restricted because of mankind’s absurd circumstances.

[But, the sea at night…is a little scary.]

[Scary? You’re scared?]

[Yes. I mean…Just as Master Audia reflects the brilliance of Master Deia, she also surrounds Master Naruge.]

Naruge was the God of Darkness. Hostility and disputes among the gods did not exist, but there was incompatibility in terms of their nature. The Sky God Deia was the God of Light while Naruge was the opposite. However, Audia’s vast oceans embraced both of them.

Since Leena belonged under Deia, the sea at night conflicted with her and was dangerous.

[Was it because of this?]


[I had a bad dream.]

Fin exhaled and sat down. Leena transformed into a person, sat down, and snuggled up against him.

[I know that dragons don’t eat living creatures, but still…]

With those words, he recalled that dream. This very action probably conveyed everything to Leena. She anxiously furrowed her brow and gently touched Fin’s cheek.

[You’re afraid. Afraid that…the part of you that differentiates you from others will hurt people.]


That or maybe the fact that he was a Dragon Lord meant that he would destroy this girl symbolizing his ordinary and peaceful world, devour her, and turn her into a mass of blood and flesh.

He placed his hand over Leena’s. Her soft light passed through his palm and seeped into his body. He knew that this light wouldn’t hurt anyone or burn anyone’s eyes and heart.

(Don’t be afraid.)

Fin told himself and shut his eyes. He felt Leena’s brightness shine through, covering his anxiety and hesitation.

(It’s fine. Even if the dream I once had won’t come true, I haven’t changed a bit.)

As his desire for an ordinary and peaceful life grew out of reach, he still had his family with him. There was also Leena. What was important wasn’t how he was going to live that life, but with whom.

Fin slowly opened his eyes and smiled at Leena.

Relieved, Leena giggled. She leaned her body against him, and he extended his arms to catch her when—


He was suddenly seized by a strange sensation and turned around. He frowned as he took a look around them.

“What’s wrong?”

Leena whispered. Fin unconsciously rubbed the back of his head and tilted his head. For just a moment, he definitely and strongly felt “something.” Just as quickly as it came, it disappeared.

“I felt like we were being watched.”

He also felt like he heard something faintly. ‘Fufu’ —That Beasts of Darkness’ voice.

“I didn’t sense anything though.”

Although she blinked her eyes, she did take one look around. But there was no one there. With a grave look, Fin glared at the darkness cowering in between the houses.

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