Ashes and Kingdoms

Title: 灰と王国 (Ashes and Kingdoms)

Author: 風羽洸海 (Kazehane Hiromi); Windy Hill (Author’s Site)

SourceSyosetu (Web Novel) and Windy Hill(Author’s Site)

Genre: High fantasy

Synopsis: The twilight of an old empire, in the northern frontier where public order has crumbled, beasts of the night were threatening the people’s lives. Phineas, a young miller, and his family were separated from their windmill and reluctantly escaped to a town controlled by army soldiers who had became bandits. However, there was no proper living there either. This is the story of a young boy, while supported by his family and friends, roams, searching for safety and peace until he can rebuild his hometown.

Volume 1: Darkness of the North (Volume 1 of the light novel is available here:



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