Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-7

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Volume 1, 3-7: In the Temple

The Temple of Neena was structured as a square so that it surrounded a central garden. This was the general style in Diatius. From the entrance, one could look ahead and see the idol enshrined deep in the inner sanctuary as well the auxiliary facilities lined up on at one’s left and right. The types of facilities vary depending on the enshrined deity, but there were many instances of them having rest areas for pilgrims, free medical treatment centers, schools for the local children, and such.

As expected, this place also has a free medical treatment center as Fin spotted his parents inside. There, Oandus was getting treatment for his right hand and Fauna was accompanying him, but besides those two, there were no other familiar faces. Fin looked around and blinked his eyes.

“The children are?”

“They’re in the orphanage, being taken care of with baths and a change of clothes. Everyone in this temple is very sincere, so it’s much appreciated.”

Fauna smiled. “Yeah,” Fin agreed then looked around again.

“….Is Nellis over there as well?”

There was some time between that uneasy question and its answer. Fin stared at his parents, startled. While frowning, Oandus mumbled his answer.

“Nellis is together with the Priest inside…..She suddenly burst out crying.”

This ominous news caused Fin’s face to stiffen, and he looked behind himself. He hesitated for only a moment, then ran out as he said, “I’ll go check out her condition.”

Fin was interested in the discussions and rumors of the citizens who were gathered all around the courtyard and corridors, but he didn’t even glance at them as he weaved through them, treating them as obstacles. One of the men was lightly brushed on his shoulder by Fin and turned his head around in discomfort. When the man saw Fin’s dirty appearance, he intentionally clicked his tongue loudly.

When Fin rushed inside the inner sanctuary, he noticed Nellis right away. She was on a stone bench built into the wall, shivering with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. Fin also saw the priest, a petite and elderly man who sat beside her and was patting her back and shoulders.


Fin ran up to them, and after he quickly bowed his head to the priest, he crouched in front of Nellis.

“What happened? You okay, Nellis?”

He softly extended his hand and tenderly covered with his palm Nellis’ cheek that was still moist from the tears. Nellis opened her mouth to say something but could only sob convulsively.

Without rushing her, Fin sat down in the empty space next to her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Right after that, he clung to her so strongly that it hurt her. Fin had continued to pat her back, and eventually, Nellis let out a hoarse voice.

“…..kaku…..Even though we came this far….., ku, hi… was, pointless…..”

Fin was startled and froze. He thought that she “knew” what had happened in the barracks. But, Nellis cast her eyes downward as she pressed her forehead against Fin’s shoulders. She whispered in a voice that was practically inaudible.

“Nanais…..burned…..Everyone died.”

“Wha!? That can’t be!”

As expected, Fin also turned pale and grabbed both of Nellis’ shoulders to peer into her face. However, Nellis didn’t try to make eye contact and put on a stubborn face.

“Even Big Bro knows….if you light……the square lantern.”


Fin lost the strength in his arms. The radiance growing weaker and fading last night was neither his imagination nor an accident. Nellis’ intuition may be on point. If he lit a fire in the square lantern right now, Audia’s divine protection was probably no longer there. There will probably only be the small, weak light from a flame.

He couldn’t bring himself to check right away. In a daze, he could only unconsciously stroke Nellis’ shoulders.

After a short while, the priest cleared his throat in a reserved manner.

“Your little sister seems to be quite exhausted, no? Just like the other children, if she takes a hot bath and changes into clean clothes, she’ll probably calm down a little….Of course, this goes for you as well.”

His gentle voice had a strange calming power to it. Even though Fin felt like he would become like dirt and just crumble away, he unconsciously nodded after being told such. He took Nellis’ hand and stood up.

The priest supported Nellis’ back and gentled pushed her forward. She was no longer looking down but was unsteady on her feet as she began to walk.

In the end, Fin and Nellis returned back to their senses after they finished their bath and changed their clothes, just as the priest had said. While this was happening, the outside was already been dyed in the amber-honey color.

When the party removed the blood, dirt, and filth and changed from their old clothes to fresh, new ones, their mood had quite improved. When a heart that had been running on exhaustion warms up a bit, the misery and ruggedness visible from the exterior will fade. Fin cast a sidelong glance at the woman taking care of Fernaine who had let out quite a shout of joy when she saw the charming princess underneath all the dirt; Fin had to resist sighing. If Iguros was here, he probably would’ve had on an elated face.

Afterwards, those in the temple gathered the party inside the orphanage’s cafeteria and treated them to bread and soup. The bread had been baked this morning so it was still fragrant. The soup composed of beans and root vegetables boiled in water and milk was piping hot. It had been such a long time since they’ve eaten a decent, human meal. It wasn’t a substitute to be eaten just to deceive the stomach. They were able to savor it, experiencing the joy of eating. Gradually, the warmth spread to every nook and cranny of their bodies.

The slightly sweet nourishment spread over Fin’s tongue. Yet, it couldn’t be helped that a tinge of bitterness was mixed in with it as he thought of his comrade who couldn’t take part in this blessing.

However, the children were more innocent as they laughed in high-spirits, looking like they have reclaimed their vigor. Fin watched them and without realizing it, his face broke out into a smile.

He had finally done at least one right thing. Taking them outside of Tetna wasn’t a mistake. Despite the sacrifices, he felt a meager, yet deep satisfaction knowing that he had at least saved these children here right now.

Oandus and Fauna were also watching the children with relieved looks. Max sat next to Nellis, who was in low spirits, and he tried to cheer her up. He cracked jokes and came up with various fun topics to talk about. Nellis occasionally showed a smile to reward his efforts, but it still felt forced.

Before long, the satisfied children began to yawn one by one, so the orphanage staff members gently called them over to their beds. After that, only the “adults” were left in the cafeteria: Fin and his family, Max, and the priest Fentaus.

When they were asked about the details of what has happened since, Fentaus nodded his round face with a sympathetic smile.

“I understand your story. We will take responsibility for the children from Tetna in this temple and raise them. Phineas, what do you intend to do?”

“….I think I have no choice but to work at the barracks. If I do that, I heard that they’ll help me look for a residence for my family. I don’t think that I can find any other job with this kind of benefit attached to it in this city.”

Fin answered in a dark tone. The miller family, who had lost their millstone and even their livestock, were quite restricted in the kinds of jobs they could do. They could work as a live-in servant in some rich mansion, but it was probably unlikely that they would take in the whole family. Furthermore, Oandus lost a finger in his dominant hand, making it all the harder for him to do any proper work for the time being.

That being said, if the family were to live separate from each other, then they must be ready for the dangers of being separate during these times. But if there was the option of the army corps, then there would be no need to take any other road. This was what Fin considered.

Fentaus seemed like he agreed and responded in a sympathetic voice.

“Then, that’s fine. I do pity for everyone’s circumstances, but as expected, I cannot arrange for something like your residence. However, if it’s the army corps, then….. Mr. Oandus, Mrs. Fauna, while you two live in the room prepared by the army corps, I will be most grateful if you can travel between there and here and help out in the orphanage. I think that it would be easier for the newly-joined children to become accustomed to here if there were familiar adults present. I cannot provide much in terms of wages, but I can at least guarantee meals. Besides….Mr. Oandus’ hand still requires medical treatment for the time being, no?”

The proposal was very generous, so the couple’s faces lit up. Fentaus jested and said,

“Of course, if you find a job with better terms, you’re free to transfer there.”

His additional words made the family let a wry smile out.

Then, at that moment, Max opened his mouth all of a sudden.

“Big Bro Fin, I’ll also join the army corps. Take me with you.”

“Don’t say such rash things,” Fin’s voice rose in shock without him realizing it. “In order to enter the army, you know you gotta be 18 years old, right? No matter how much people say it’s an emergency, you’re still….”

“I’m already 15, you know.”

Max quickly interrupted. Everyone in that roomーeven Nellis stared at the boy in astonishment. Max took one look over himself and bit his lips in frustration. His body, no matter how one looked at it, was at most 13 years old.

“I know that my body’s small. But I’m not lying. I really am 15 years old. In half a year, I’ll be 16. I’m still too young, but…..but, I’m no longer at the age to be taken care of in an orphanage.”

“Indeed, it is normal for one to leave the orphanage when one turns 15,” Fentaus said with a perplexed manner. “As circumstances are circumstances, I’m sure that the children will also be anxious without you. There’s no need to rush. It’s fine to remain and live with us for the time being.”


“Max, it’s just like the Priest says. At least stay with the children until they’ve calm down. Since if you enter the army, you can’t quit right away.”

Fin also persuaded him. Once he is officially registered as an army corps soldier, he will be forbidden to leave for 3 years, unless there is some extreme circumstance. Although one might say that no matter how shaky the empire of now had become, no, rather it’s because it’s become this shaky that the punishment for desertion was severe.

There was no way that this aspect didn’t strike fear in Fin as well. As of now, his status remained suspended, but if his formal enlistment in Winea is recorded, he would be tightly bound by it. But can he safely serve his three years?

If a genuine war breaks in his own country and Dirgius participates in it by leading the northern soldiers, then Fin doubted that he would be finished with his service in three years. Stuff like the promise of retirement is probably easier to smash than eggs. Although this would be unavoidable if he wishes for the necessities to live for the time being, the consequences that only Fin would be pulled apart from the family was high.

(Nevertheless…..if this means that everyone can live in the safe downtown, it’s fine.)

This was simply a matter of how the person who wasn’t originally with the family was leaving. It was not that he’ll just disappear, but wasn’t it enough that he would be leaving behind a place for them to live as a parting gift?

As Fin was comforting himself, Max reached across the table with his hand and grabbed Fin’s arm. Surprised, Fin raised his face, and Max fixed a strong look on his face and said.

“If that’s the case, at least teach me how to use a sword. Even if you enter the army, you can pop in here once in a while, right?”

That was a tone that wouldn’t accept “no” as an answer. The reason for Max’s determination was that he keenly reminded of his lack of fighting ability during the journey from Tetna to here. Of course, Fin did neither decline nor pacify him. I want fighting ability and skills. I want a weapon.ーHe fully understood those desires.

“If you’re fine with the level I’ve been taught at, then I’ll teach it all to you. Besides, if there are reliable techniques in the army corps and I find someone who looks like they’ll teach you, I’ll ask them. That’s a promise.”

He suddenly smiled as he joked.

“Either way, I gotta get someone to properly teach me as well. Since it’s gonna be hard to survive three years with my dull sword.”

“What are you saying? If it’s Big Bro Fin, everything’s fine.”

Astonished, Max laughed. Fin was embarrassed by the appearance of trust in those eyes and hid his face. Even he was surprised at how competent he was at fighting. But, there’s no way that such good luck would continue.

“I gotta work hard,” he whispered to himself like in a soliloquy. “So all of us can survive.”

There was no response. Everyone who had overcome this harsh journey had simply given a small nod without saying a word.

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