Seeking Warmth In His Arms

Note: This is a fan-fiction about A Mild Noble’s Vacation Suggestion.

Lizel’s curiosity got the better of him again. He squatted by a strange pool inside the labyrinth. The surface resembled the gravel surrounding it. The only reason why he knew it was a pool was because of the faint ripples formed from the vibrations of his approaching steps.

He called out to Gil to ask if he sensed any monsters around. The simple click of that man’s tongue meant that he was disappointed to report that there was no such fun to be had.

Lizel removed his glove and dipped his fingers in, wondering how a pool of stones felt. As he slowly went farther in, a chilly sensation made its way up his arm. Suddenly, his body froze. It was as if a vicious chill had assaulted him. No, that wasn’t right. The heat from his body was being sucked out of him. With the warmth of his body stolen, Lizel lost his strength and his body plunged towards the pool.

■ ■ ■

This should have been another easy descent into a labyrinth for Gil. He faced no resistance as his blade sliced through monster after monster. The treasure found in the chests was also nothing to boast about. He let out a sigh as he and Lizel continued onward.

Gil usually let Lizel do his own thing, whether it be touching strange markings on the wall or observing harmless flora and fauna of the labyrinth. Today was no exception. He saw his partner stoop by a pool with stones floating on top. There weren’t any monsters around so he decided to scout a bit ahead. He usually kept one ear open to listen to Lizel prattle on about what he discovered and respond accordingly.

However, this time was different—Lizel was quiet. When Gil heard a splash, the hairs on the back of his head stood up and he quickly turned around. His eyes widened as he saw half of Lizel’s body disappear under the pool’s surface.

Gil didn’t know when he started to run, but before he could process exactly what happened, his hand was already extending in an attempt to grab Lizel before he completely disappeared. Once Gil firmly gripped Lizel’s leg, he pulled the man up, careful of his strength to not bruise him. He used his other arm to catch Lizel’s head.

He carried Lizel’s limp body over, distancing themselves from that dangerous pool. He first checked Lizel’s pulse. He let out a sigh of relief upon learning that Lizel was alive, but that feeling was short-lived. Lizel was cold to the touch. The gear he had equipped should have provided him some resistance against the cold, so how did this happen? Gil took a quick glance over Lizel’s body and noticed the missing glove.

Gil wanted to smack some sense into Lizel—being unprepared or careless in a labyrinth would only lead to death—but there was no point. There was a more important issue at hand. Gil began to strip Lizel, removing his coat and shirt. He would have to first dry Lizel off before he could warm him up.

Upon seeing that delicate, unblemished, pale skin, Gil was reminded of how different the lives they lived up till now were. Yet, here this man was, trying new things and allowing his curiosity to almost kill him. Gil sighed again. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was drawn to this person. Whether it was the twinkling of his eyes when he discovered a new book, the refined manner he held himself, or the cold smile on his face when he verbally cut down his foes, Lizel revealed more sides to himself than Gil had imagined. Even this time too: too curious for his own good.

But that was why Gil couldn’t leave him…or rather, he didn’t want to leave him. What should have been another boring trip to a labyrinth became something more. Naturally, he wasn’t wishing harm to befall Lizel to stimulate him, but there was always something to keep him on his toes.

Gil took a cloth from inside his bag and began wiping Lizel’s body. Once the man was dry, Gil unbuttoned his shirt to expose his chest. He pressed Lizel’s head and torso close and wrapped his arms and shirt around him. He felt the warmth of his body transfer to Lizel’s cold skin. He looked down at the man. His strained expression seemed to loosen ever so slightly. Relieved, Gil squeezed him, once again careful not to hurt him. It would take some time until Lizel was warm enough, so Gil remained in that position.

■ ■ ■

Lizel didn’t know how long he was asleep. He still felt lethargic and couldn’t open his eyes. All he could remember was a terrible chill and darkness. However, there was none of that now; a sense of security surrounded him. He nuzzled his face deeper inside and rested his fatigued body.

2 responses to “Seeking Warmth In His Arms”

  1. ars Avatar


    When Gil started taking off Lizel’s clothes I was like HMMMMmmmMMM the tension!!! Really nice treatment of that moment, makes you wanna crack open Gil’s head to see the rest of what he’s thinking uwu

    Super well written sweet and introspective moment!!


    1. AdCaelum Avatar

      Glad you liked it. I saw the opportunity to make it NSFW, but I wanted to keep it sweet.
      If you want, I don’t mind if you imagine an “fade to black NSFW scene” somewhere eyebrow wiggle


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