1: Lady Victoria Winner Gloria is the Proudest in the World

“Lady Victoria Winner Gloria! I annul my engagement with you!”

The voice echoed in the banquet hall, stopping all movement in the dance party. Amid this sea of vibrant dresses, Victoria remained silent for some time, but she eventually took out her folding fan and slowly covered her mouth.
Lady Victoria was the daughter of the duke, the highest-ranking aristocrat in the country. Her mother was royalty and her father was the captain of the knights; she was a legitimate, thoroughbred aristocrat.
Therefore, her beauty was guaranteed. It was no exaggeration to say that with her flowing, blonde hair and wine-red dress, she left the biggest impression in this space today as usual.

The prince had just announced his engagement to this woman to cast her pride down to the ground.
The average lady would start crying or even fly into a rage.
But, Victoria did neither.

“I see. But I will tell you this: I will not allow our engagement to be annulled.”

Her tone was certainly composed. She was pompous beyond belief. She looked at the prince as if he was a puppy that had playfully bit her.
With a snap, she closed her folding fan. The red of her dress looked almost toxic, but that vibrant color suited the blonde lady as she gracefully smiled.

“Listen well. I have not given my permission for this engagement to be annulled.”
“Wh-what…? What right do you have to…?! You are only the daughter of the duke! I am the prince. If you cannot obey my order…!”
“I will not obey.”

With another snap, she lightly tapped her fan against her palm. How extremely haughty of her.
The prince, Frederick Ostwen, was speechless. He had never encountered someone who so openly refused his orders. A young lady dressed in a pastel-pink dress anxiously leaned against him, her brow slightly furrowed in concern.

“I…I love Lady Maria Catalia… That’s why my engagement with you…”
“Oh, that is problematic. I love you, Frederick…no, Fred, so much that I can kill you.”


“Even though I love you from the bottom of my heart, you treat me so cruelly. You know, this is the first time I’ve ever loved someone so passionately?”
“N-no way… That’s scary…”
“Prince, you need only to stand right beside me! That alone will allow your country to flourish!”

For some reason, the surrounding aristocrats applauded.
The faces of the applauding aristocrats looked to be saying, “Huh? Why are we clapping again?” That was how impressive the dignity the young Victoria exuded.

Bathed in the applause, Victoria was truly, truly, the proudest in the world. Incidentally, she was the daughter of the leading duke, so her eccentric nature was a given.
The lady in her red mermaid dress slowly walked towards the prince. It was as if the demon king was making his way across. Such intensity coming from a small lady was unthinkable.

She stood before the prince and abruptly said.

“By the way, young lady.”
“Young lady…? Eh? Me?!”

The lady in the pastel-pink dress, who was the daughter of a baron, opened her eyes wide in surprise. Everyone was sure Victoria would have addressed the prince! The prince himself was even taken aback. He almost let slip these words: “This egomaniac of a woman! I thought you would talk to me!”

“The baron’s daughter, correct? Your family is destitute and appears to be in dire straits.”
“Were you led to believe by someone that by becoming the prince’s bride, you’ll get your hands on some money? I’ll have you know that such is a perilous path, my dear.”
“You are aware of the clear difference between a duke and a baron, yes?”

Being told this with a smile caused the baron’s daughter to turn pale and fall silent. Her heart pounded, and she was unable to think properly. Oh, what should she do? She was certain that this woman intended to demolish both her, who made the prince make such a statement, and her father’s home. Victoria was rumored to be the villainess in the Royal Academy, so there was no doubt that she would!

“In other words—the duke can offer some salvation to the poor baron. We have the status. We have money. I shall lend you some. Perhaps the cause of your troubles was your fields being ravaged by the storm brought forth by the Green Moon. If crop failure is the cause, I’ll do whatever I can. Rejoice.”

There should be a limit to how pompous one could be.
But, this was surely a godsend to Maria. She was overcome with surprise.
A white hand touched her cheek. Victoria softly and gently brushed Maria’s cheek and smiled. The way her hand moved resembled that of a king lovingly petting his kitten.
Such beautiful eyes… Such a gentle touch…

“D-dear sister…”

The baron’s daughter only had eyes for money.

“Dear sister?!”

Then, there was the prince, utterly shaken. How did all of this happen?! Didn’t Maria love him?! His mind was in chaos.

“Now, Frederick. All that you have left is a scandal.”
“Who will love a prince who committed such buffoonery? Who will tolerate such? Who will make such a prince their husband?”

Victoria said with a graceful smile. She really was pompous beyond belief.
The prince was wracked with despair. That might truly be the case… He was overwhelmed by Victoria’s unprecedented intensity. That was right. He had slighted the daughter of a duke before everyone’s eyes. The aristocrats were surely shocked. Although he was blinded by his love for Maria…who would make him their husband…? Who would tolerate him…? Who would love him…?

With tears streaming down, the prince quickly covered his face. This prince cried an awful lot since he was young, so much so that other people nicknamed him the “automatic sprinkler”, although the prince himself was unaware.

“I shall love you.”

The prince raised his head. Drops still falling from his eyes.

“What…did you say…?”
“You need only stay by my side!”

Her intensity was like that of an empress even though she was only the daughter of a nobleman.

“I care not if this is labeled as a scandal. I also care not that you are addressed as an idiotic prince in the background. You may love anyone else for all I care. With you by my side, I will watch the future of this country together. After all, you are the sole prince of our country. Frederick! Face forward! Become a righteous king! I am certain that you can become one. My future king, show me hope for a brighter future for this nation. I’m sure you can!”

As they all had expected, Victoria was pompous beyond belief. Her pompous speech had the prince in tears, and the aristocrats present felt compelled to applaud because of the intensity. What was this?

She walked up to the prince and raised his chin like a handsome character would act in an otome game.

“Fred. …Just before, you annulled your engagement with me, correct?”

The prince sniffled as he answered.

“Then, I will say this— Let’s get married again. Marry me.”

The prince easily surrendered to the lady’s dangerously beautiful eyes and high-handed words.
It was a happy ending. A wonderful conclusion.

Lady Victoria had her prideful marriage with Prince Frederick afterward. The land owned by Maria’s father received aid from Victoria and escaped from poverty. They eventually grew to become the talk of the land for producing the finest wine in the country. Victoria held a glass of it in her hand as she expedited her wedding ceremony with the prince.

During this occasion, the crybaby prince cried tears of joy, and Victoria enjoyed her wine with a graceful smile. “A truly wonderful offering for my marriage,” she said. She was pompous.
She became the queen consort and reigned the country together with King Frederick.

She proudly overwhelmed the black-hearted prince of another large nation, won over the sly prime minister with her handsome aura, and raised the country to an international level.

Even today, Queen Victoria was pompous beyond belief.

“Victoria, you really are prideful. You behave like you’re better than me.”
“Holy am I alone throughout heaven and earth.”
“From what religious scripture did you pick that out from…?”

The young and handsome prince said with a wry smile.

“But, I’ve recently come to like that side of you. When you act prideful next to me, I know that you’re yourself and I feel relieved. The other aristocrats may say otherwise, but I don’t hate it.”

The king smiled and looked at his queen consort. The beautiful queen blinked before suddenly pinning the king against the wall.
The wall shook. Scary.

“Huh, why???”

She lifted the king’s chin.

“Whoa, wait.”
“I will not wait.”

She closed the distance between them.
As expected, Victoria was the proudest in the world as usual today.

Author’s note:
1/20: I edited the short story portion here. Enjoy the story of Victoria, a lady who is pompous beyond belief like her position allows.

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