Chapter 3: Shiro, Magic Fanatic, and Heresy II

The testing grounds referred to the building next to the place where the knights and soldiers trained. If the training grounds were for soldiers to train their bodies, then the testing grounds could be described as the training grounds for magicians.
Multiple layers of barriers were erected around the circumference of the building and several more were erected inside around the training grounds. Magic attacks could neither penetrate into nor escape from this area. When comparing the areas inside the royal castle in terms of defense against magic, this place was at the top.
Herscherik and Shiro entered the building built solely for magicians to use when someone called out to them.

“Herscherik, you came!”
“Lenetto. Sorry for intruding.”

Lenetto waved his hand and ran over, so Herscherik politely bowed.
Lenetto reached Herscherik and patted his younger brother’s head as he continued to speak.

“I know I invited you, but I didn’t think you would actually come, so I’m happy. Wait a bit. I’ll call Cecily and Arian.”


Herscherik wondered if they were nearby somewhere or if Lenetto would have someone call for them. He looked around, but he couldn’t spot anyone else. Unconcerned about the confused Herscherik, two people showed up in less than a minute.

“It’s true; Herscherik is here! I thought he wouldn’t come since he can’t use any magic!”
“…Cecily, I think you should learn how to be more considerate towards others with your words.”

His older sister’s words lacking all delicacy pierced Herscherik. They had even more of an effect since he had just been disheartened before from his complete inability to use magic.

(Ow, the blunt words of an innocent child hit all the harder…)

Herscherik felt like he had taken an invisible blow to his body, but he had his attention focused somewhere else right now.

“Lenetto, how did you call the other two?”
“Oh, you don’t know about us, Herscherik?!”

Lenetto clapped his hands as if he suddenly recalled, but Cecily and Arian took over the conversation.

“We’re triplets, so we have a special ability, you see.”
“An ability known as telepathic relay. Simply put, the three of us can have a conversation with each other in our heads, and we can also get a general idea of each other’s location.”

(Telepathic relay…is that like normal telepathy? Was that why they were able to regroup right away at the new year’s party even though they had split up to search for me?)

Herscherik knew from his reading that other special abilities besides magic existed in this world, and the triplets’ telepathic relay was one of them. Since he was exposed to both true and false stories of magic in his previous life, he wasn’t very surprised when he learned magic was prevalent in this world.

“Anyways, we’re helping out to test new magic tools today.”
“The experiment requires you three?”

When Herscherik thought more about it, he realized that this was a weekday and the triplets were still students despite their royal position. He was suspicious of an experiment that required them to miss class.
Cecily was the one to answer Herscherik’s question.

“You see, the three of us can cast one spell together. We’re capable of such because we have a telepathic relay between us and are triplets.”
“Magic too difficult for one person to use would be easy for three people even if we individually lack the mana. Also, a tremendous effect can be brought forth through our synergy rather than simple addition. Since the magic tools in question this time had been designed with us as a reference, we have to cooperate in the experiment.”

Arian continued explaining after Cecily.
Herscherik nodded as if understanding what they were saying, but he couldn’t tell if what the bureau was researching was actually amazing.

(Is this like combo magic in games?)

This type of magic often appeared in the role-playing games he played in his past life.
Several characters would cast the same magic for massive damage. Such had been a huge help when facing off the last boss in games, but he couldn’t tell if it was difficult to pull off in this world since he was incapable of using magic. As if asking on behalf of Herscherik’s doubt, Shiro opened his mouth from behind him.

“Such a magic tool wouldn’t be easy to perfect.”

He looked upset and was suspicious of the triplets. He refused to make eye contact with any of them, appearing very disrespectful.

“By the way, Herscherik, who is the beautiful woman with you?”
“No, he’s actually a man…”

Herscherik immediately answered Cecily’s question. It might have come too late, but it would be troublesome if Shiro had the same attitude towards the triplets. Herscherik didn’t care much when it happened to him, but he didn’t believe the rest of the royal family shared the same thinking.

(Although, Mark also doesn’t seem to be the type to mind.)

Rather, Herscherik thought Marcus closely resembled him. His references were his own knight Oranju and Marcus’ personal magician Siegel.

But, Shiro cared little about such concerns. Scorning them, he continued to speak.

“Having multiple magicians cast one spell had been a topic of research since long ago, and it was determined to be theoretically possible. But, the unique quality of every magician’s mana itself makes that difficult and has led to numerous failures in the past. If it is a miracle to have it succeed between two people, what makes you think it’ll work with three?”

Shiro snorted, causing all the triplets to scowl. Stuck in the middle, Herscherik looked back and forth between the two sides, panic quickly rising.

(When it comes to magic, Mr. Shiro gets talkative just like when he chatted with Mr. Siegel… Or more importantly, what did he mean that it was difficult to cast magic together?)

He understood that it wasn’t as simple as casting magic at the same time, but he was still confused as his knowledge concerning magic was lacking. However, it seemed that the triplets understood what Shiro was saying, and Arian took a step forward.

“I understand what you want to say. We triplets may have similar qualities to our mana and possess telepathic relay, but our success rate is still lacking at only ten percent. It’ll be difficult for magicians to adjust things themselves. But, it’ll be possible if they use the magic tool to finely tune that aspect.”

Arian had the image of the docile one among the triplets, so Herscherik didn’t think he would face Shiro and object. Herscherik assumed this was how invested they were in the experiment.

“But, tuning is hard to grasp, no? How many schemata would you have to stuff in it…?”

Unconcerned of their surroundings, the two began to debate. Herscherik thought he had to stop them somehow, but his arm was pulled from behind before he could open his mouth. When he looked up, he saw Lenetto mutter with an annoyed look.

“There’s no stopping Arian when he gets like that, so give up.”
“Okay, but…”

Arian and Shiro were getting heated over their discussion on magic.

“There’s no compromise with Arian when it comes to magic.”

Cecily said with a sigh as she lined up next to Lenetto.
Herscherik looked back and forth between these two who easily resigned.

“But, is it fine to forget about the experiment?”

The two said in unison. At the same time, another voice entered the conversation.

“Princess Cecily, Prince Arian, and Prince Lenetto, we would like to begin the experiment soon.”

The one who appeared was an old man with white hair and a lush white beard. He was only slightly taller than Herscherik, possibly due to originally having a small frame or the bend in his back from age. Their eye levels should be the same, but it was hard to say as his eyes looked like slits from underneath those wrinkles. Based on his clothes, Herscherik assumed that he served as the laboratory manager under the bureau director.

“It’s a pleasure to meet Your Highness Herscherik. I am Brad, the manager of the magic research laboratory. It’s rare for Your Highness to come to the testing grounds.”

Just like when the triplets told him this, Herscherik was on the verge of tears. But, the man wasn’t at fault. After all, it was pointless for Herscherik, someone who couldn’t use magic, to practice on the testing grounds.

(Now that I think of it, wouldn’t this situation be bad if the experiment is considered a national secret?)

“I’m sorry, Lord Brad. Mr. Siegel suggested I bring my guest over here, but should I not have?”

Herscherik finally realized that even if Shiro belonged to the nonpartisan Church, he shouldn’t have casually brought an outsider to witness the experiment. It didn’t matter if Siegel invited him; Herscherik needed to run this by the higher-ups first.

“I would normally turn such a fellow away…”

Brad said and looked over Shiro from top to bottom.

“I see. If that eccentric Siegel sent them here and can have a conversation about magic with Prince Arian, then this person must be well-versed in the craft of magic tools. I too would like to extend the invitation and have them give pointers about the experiment.”
“Are you sure?”

In response to Herscherik’s question, Old Brad opened his narrow eyes and the corners of his mouth raised to form a warm smile.

“We are researchers. Success in research comes with plentiful failures, but success can also come from receiving a generous amount of diverse opinions.”
“Thank you very much.”

Herscherik bowed, and Old Brad chuckled. Herscherik thought he sounded just like Santa Claus with his “Ho ho ho”.

“However, it is still dangerous, so please avoid stepping inside the testing grounds. I ask that you observe from outside the inner barrier.”

Herscherik gave a deep nod at Old Brad’s warning.

Herscherik and Shiro watched from outside the inner barrier around the testing grounds as those inside continued their preparations.
The structure of the building, in simple terms, resembled a donut. The testing grounds were open right in the middle with the elliptical-shaped building completely encircling it. The building functioned like a passageway where you could observe the inner circle of the testing grounds, but there were three layers of barriers between the inner area and the passageway, preventing you from stepping foot into the inner area without following a certain procedure.

It appeared that the triplets and the magicians who were also researchers were briefing each other at the center of the testing grounds.

(…If I could use just a little bit of magic, I could be of some help.)

Even though the triplets were still minors, they looked very reliable as they earnestly discussed with the adults. But what about Herscherik himself? He didn’t think he was absolutely powerless or useless, but bouts of helplessness occasionally hit him.

With just an ounce of fighting ability, he might be able to offer help.
With just an ounce of mana, he might be capable of learning many more things.
He wasn’t self-deprecating, but he also wasn’t lamenting. He believed he could do much more if he had the power. Despite his daily attempt to find what he can do and attempt its realization, those feelings rushed him.

“Do I have…an inferiority complex?”
“Did you say something?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

Shiro pointed out the words Herscherik let slip, so Herscherik gave an ambiguous laugh to dodge the question.

(But, I’ve never really felt that way.)

In his past life, Ryouko rarely ever felt inferior.
Take marriage for example. She didn’t particularly feel anything when her juniors at work resigned due to their marriages. She only felt joy when her younger sisters got married. She also didn’t think much when the male employee who joined the company after her was promoted in the blink of an eye.
That which she treasured was limited, so as long as she had that, she was fine. But, it was no longer that limited after coming to this world.

An inferiority complex was the same as saying Herscherik desired that which he lacked.

(Guess I’ve become greedy.)

Herscherik presently couldn’t determine if this new feeling budding in him was good or bad.

“That reminds me. Can you explain something to me, Mr. Shiro?”

The preparations were still underway, so there was still some time before the experiment began. As such, Herscherik suddenly recalled his question and tried his hand at asking Shiro.

“Why is the magic they’re going to test difficult?”

For a moment, Shiro’s eyes asked, “You don’t even know that?” in astonishment, but Herscherik dismissed the look. Knowledge gained from reading books and experience gained from practice were as different as the sky and the ground.

“…The qualities of mana are unique to each person. So, it’s difficult to cast one spell when everyone’s mana is different. Or more precisely, it’s difficult to match the other.”

Herscherik tilted his head, so Shiro continued.

“Imagine that people’s mana is like water. Depending on the person, the water may be sweet, cold, or hard. This difference causes a disparity which will either increase or disturb the casting and effect. Using bitter water to make a sweet beverage would be the worst, no?”
“I see.”

In short, the differences in people’s mana make unity difficult. And since the triplets had similar qualities to their mana and telepathic relay, they were capable of pulling this off.

“Thank you for explaining. You’re very good at teaching.”

Herscherik thanked him and looked around. Shiro wanted to say something but held his tongue. Herscherik saw his siblings wave their hands from below.

“It looks like they’re starting soon.”

The first test was of wind magic. The triplets stood in a row, placed their hand on the tool, and chanted. When they did, the magic activated right in front of them. Their wind magic created a tornado, and after maintaining it for some time, they canceled it. The triplets each reported to the researchers, spotted another magic tool, and chanted.

They repeated the same process numerous times with different elements. Herscherik could tell that the ones where nothing went off were failures, but he couldn’t distinguish if all the other experiments were successes or failures. But, since Shiro muttered about successes and failures to himself beside him, he somewhat understood the results of the experiments.

As the experiments proceeded, the triplets were unsurprisingly fatigued after continually casting magic, so other magicians formed groups of three and substituted them for more experiments. However, just as Shiro theorized, they were less successful than the triplets. And during one of these failures, a strange happening occurred.

“Huh, doesn’t the shape of that flame look weird…?”

It looked strange even to an amateur like Herscherik. The fireball that formed in front of three magicians grew large to an unstable size. Then, it swelled like a balloon to a size unprecedented among the other experiments they have done today. But, that was not the only abnormality. Some other people who weren’t the magicians involved had run up to them in a panic and told them, no, yelled at them.

“A failure?”

The moment Herscherik muttered that, another change happened to the fireball. The three magicians collapsed to the ground like marionettes with their strings cut. At the same time, the fireball, which was currently three times the height of an adult man, shot out towards Herscherik like an arrow fired from a bow.

But, Herscherik didn’t think about running away despite his surprise. That was because he had been told that there were three layers of barriers between his location and the testing grounds.

The fireball would be cleanly dispersed by the time it hits the first barrier. Or that was what everyone had believed.

A shrill sound, like glass shattering, echoed.


Before Herscherik could confirm the sound’s source, another similar shatter could be heard.
The burning ball of flames roared as it approached before his eyes. He was exposed to the hot air that could burn off skin through the barrier. He instinctively covered his face with both arms in an attempt to protect himself from the heat.
He knew he had to leave this spot without a moment to lose, but he didn’t. Or rather, he couldn’t. He felt like his feet had been glued to the ground. He knew even behind his arms that protected his face that collision with the red, blazing fireball was imminent.


Just when he thought he heard an annoyed click of someone’s tongue next to him, he no longer felt the heat against his skin. When he peeked through the gap between his arms, he saw a robe and pure-white hair wildly fluttering in the wind.

(Mr. Shiro?!)

Herscherik reflexively grabbed Shiro’s robe. But, Shiro didn’t care. He held out his arms, brandishing the gold and silver bracelets. He chanted and began creating a magic schema.

Two rays of light, one blue and one light cerulean, appeared and began to dance around Shiro.
At the same time, a change appeared on his body. The man’s long hair in front of Herscherik had been white, but it started to glow sky blue.

As Shiro continued to chant, the gems on each of his bracelets shone, further increasing the dancing light around him.

When he finally finished chanting, he was completely surrounded by light which, in the very next moment, stopped the fireball’s advance. No, it was more accurate to say that the fireball was completely sealed in a water prison that suddenly appeared. The ball of flames looked like it was confined in a transparent box.
Furthermore, Shiro began to chant again. A flash appeared beside his extended hand. Both the water prison and the fireball disappeared at the same time, and the light around him dispersed.

The only thing surrounding him was the slightly moist air and the quiet sounds of the crowd.

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