Ashes and Kingdoms v1 4-4

Message from the translator: If any of you were shouting “Eutis!” while reading this, I was too while translating. But, wow, what a way to end this part. Enjoy~

4-4. Campaign to Clean Up the Bandits

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 4-3

Message from the translator: And we’re back! This is a pretty quick and light break before heading into the next chapter. Still, enjoy~

Volume 1, 4-3: Overcast Day

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 4-2

Message from translator: With this being our second big fight scene, I found out I really like translating action….Maybe it’s my penchant for those kinds of things :/ Also, the farmer talks in a very unrefined manner, so I tried to encompass this feeling; did it work?
Note: This chapter is a week early because I’ll be unavailable next week. The next chapter will be posted Jun. 5

Volume 1, 4-2: Bandits’ Attack

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 4-1

Message from translator: Welcome to the start of Chapter 4! I just want to mention in the beginning that the character Eutis speaks by drawing out his interjections and the last word. I don’t like translating it; it makes the sentence look all weird. But, the second half of this chapter is really cute. Hope you enjoy it!

Volume 1, 4-1: New Life and Midsummer Festival

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-8

Message from translator: We’re at the end of Chapter 3, and might I say that this part is really cute. The interactions between Leena and Fin make my day (´▽`)Also, I wanna thank everyone for reading and commenting so far. You guys also make my day!

Volume 1, 3-8: Connective Thread

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-6

Message from translator: I’ve finally decided to place periods at the end of the dialogues and thought bubbles (will add them to the previous parts as well). Probably should’ve done it earlier, but I had the mentality that I should stick as closely to the author’s format. Speaking of the author, I recently got in contact with them and they gave me permission to translate the story. I know that I probably should’ve done it earlier, but I was too scared >~<. But, they allowed me on the condition that I don’t make any money off of this translation and that I don’t claim this story as mine. So, this means that I can and will continue to translate. \o/ Yay! Concerning this chapter, there were wayyy too many names. Trying to figure out the romanization of these names is one of my banes as a translator.

Volume 1, 3-6: The Fallen Army

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-5

Message from translator: I was really happy to see people comment on the last chapter. After seeing chapter by chapter go by without a single response, I thought that people didn’t care about this novel….Glad to see that that wasn’t the case. As for this chapter, we get introduced to the city as well as some new questions. Enjoy~
I’ll probably be posting chapters up on Tuesday rather than Wednesday from now on. Just a heads-up.

Volume 1, 3-5: Provincial Capital Winea

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-4

Message from translator: Back from my trip and returned with a cold x_x. But I still have some chapters translated (2 to be exact) so I’ll still be uploading them while I try to get better. From what I’ve read ahead, the story’s pace does pick up, so thanks to all of you who have stuck around for all the buildup. Oh, and I realized that I had made a mistake earlier. Going by the story’s tone up till now, you’ve probably already rectified it in your mind, but I changed it anyways in the translation. Well then, enjoy~

Volume 1, 3-4: Wolf of Darkness

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-3

Message from translator: Oh wow, our first major fight scene. We get to see some violent descriptions, but don’t worry; it’s not gory or anything like that. Hopefully after this experience, we can see how our characters will grow and change after that exchange. Also, in case you guys were wondering why this chapter is a week early, it’s because I’ll be gone next week and unable to update. As such, enjoy this early update and the next part will be up at March 7th.

Volume 1, 3-3: Just a Little Farther

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