Ashes and Kingdoms v1 1-4

TL notes: Sorry for the long delay. I was sick for most of January, so I was unable to translate at all. But I really do appreciate all the comments I’ve been receiving. It’s nice to know that there are people who are enjoying the story.
Also, notes actually related to the translation: I changed the name of the goddess Nenna to Neena, and the gods in the story are going to be called Diatius. I previously had it as Deia, but it was revealed that Deia is one of the Diatius. So many weird names >.<

Volume 1, 1-4: The Calamity that will Befall

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Ashes and Kingdoms v1 1-3

TL notes: I had wanted to finish this chapter before Christmas as a gift to all of you, but the ending was kind of confusing for me to translate. I worked everything out now, so here’s the next chapter!!

Volume 1, 1-3: Life in the Barracks

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