Associate Professor Takatsuki Akira’s Inference v1 c1-3

Another long-awaited update! But this will be my last one for a while for this series. Why, you ask? It’s because this series was picked up by Yen Press back in November 2022! I had this section partially translated for some time, but I only had time to edit it now. It’ll be a waste to just let it sit in the dust, so I’m publishing it. I usually don’t pick up officially translated series, but if the publisher isn’t doing this series justice, I might pick it up again, but it’s a hard maybe. You guys will need to show me proof. So while not dropped in my book, my translation will be on indefinite hiatus.

Also, another thing to celebrate is that today is the author’s birthday! This was another reason why I wanted to make sure I got this out today.

This is part 3 out of 7 (which is about 20% of the whole volume). Enjoy~

Chapter 1: Nonexistent Neighbor – 3


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