The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions v1 c1-1

Hi, I’m not dead! So new year, new site layout, new series! I had promised this one after seeing a request for it on NUF and I immediately fell in love with the story and characters. It doesn’t help that my mind has been so preoccupied by this series that I couldn’t do any work done. Yes, that is the excuse I’m going with. Anyways, please enjoy this story~

Chapter 1 Part 1

A couple of things to note for the readers:

  1. I own the manga but only in Japanese. As such, I don’t know what decisions Yen Press decided to take when naming certain characters/places. However, if you have any insight, feel free to let me know.
  2. This series has dialogue in both English and Japanese, but in order to distinguish them, I will be using regular quotation marks “-” for English and brackets <-> for Japanese.
  3. Each volume is essentially 1 chapter. So I guess you can say there is currently 5 chapters and 1 side story in this series, but that would be torture to compile a whole volume’s worth of content in a single page. Therefore, I have arbitrarily decided to split volumes into chapters that I think would end nicely. But these chapters are also long, so I may be splitting them even further into parts like this one.
  4. I own used physical copies of the five volumes. I will try to add Shimomura-sensei’s drawing in with the chapters, but as I don’t want to damage my copies to scan them, you’ll be stuck with photos taken with my phone.
  5. This series has been on hiatus for some time, but it certainly isn’t over. The “to be continued in Volume 6” at the end of Volume 5 gives me desperate hope since I NEED to know what happens next. The author has been saying that she’s working on it, so let’s give her encouragement! It helps that the manga has come back recently too.

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