Herscherik v3 2-1

Whoa, you readers out there? Ever thought you would see this series name show up again after its official English translation was completed? Well, I didn’t either, but some things happened, and I thought about doing this as a sort of therapy/spite session for my mental health. I won’t tell you not to buy the official English release, but I just want to handle this series again myself. Plus, after seeing how much the cancellation of the LN after volume 5 affected the author, I had wanted to translate volume 6. So, with those two factors together, I decided to take on this project once again.

I’ll be continuing from the last place I left off (In case you didn’t know, I translated this back on Blob Translations).

Happy Halloween and enjoy~

Chapter 2: Boys Talk, Visiting the Sick, and Contact I


5 responses to “Herscherik v3 2-1”

  1. Nice, can’t wait to read the continuation of the story.


  2. I did not know this is picked up


  3. Thank you very much💖
    This really makes my mood better as I feel like I’ll be fully stressed from all my homeworks and still not announcing a break even though it’s near christmas already…


    1. Glad I got to make your day.
      Don’t push yourself too hard and I hope you have an enjoyable holiday.


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