Associate Professor Takatsuki Akira’s Inference v1 Prologue

Hello, Caelum here.
This is a new series I’m working on. I’ve been a fan of it just as the manga was coming out. And now that the drama is on its second season, I finally decided to try translating the light novel.

Since this series is seeped in Japanese folklore, a ton of footnotes is bound to appear. I won’t try to overload you and will assume that most of you readers understand the basic terms. If not, feel free to comment to get more explanations.
Also, as a light novel, the chapters are ridiculously long, so I’ll try to be splitting them evenly, but there are still massive blocks of text. Our main lead is a university lecturer, so be prepared to sit through his lectures. Although, I would love to actually be in his class. Folklore is one of my favorite subjects to study

So, enjoy the series. (Note that the prologue is in first-person, but the rest of the series is in third-person.)



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