A Mild Noble’s Vacation Suggestion 5

5: Won’t Let Escape

In the dimness of the early dawn, Gil kept the lights off and sat on his bed.
In his mind was nothing but the events that occurred in the guild yesterday. As Lizel talked to Studd, a man suddenly interrupted. A quarrel broke out. Nothing unusual.
Lizel wasn’t aware of the man, and the man threw out his taunts. Those taunts… They blended together with the conversation Gil heard behind his back.


The air changed. That moment was the turning point—the Lizel Gil knew was on a completely different level now.
He normally viewed Lizel as a nobleman, but he realized now that he had never actually considered him a nobleman once.

“Comparing someone of your level with one of mine own is utterly unpleasant.”

For the first time since Lizel appeared in this world, Gil was made aware that this man was a nobleman.
He was dragged out before the enraged man by an almost silent fury, an instinct telling him to “protect Lizel.” At first when he was entangled with the angry man, Gil considered throwing his special skill and lightly knocking the man out, but he couldn’t do that.
He separated the thick blade at its base with a slice and sent the man back flying through the air with a kick. The force behind it not only knocked him out but also crushed his internal organs and even unexpectedly broke the door.

As Gil had continued to refuse to work under anyone until now and walked by himself, he couldn’t abide for a moment. He stifled the rising corners of his mouth and was convinced that it was the right choice to be hired by Lizel.
He was caught up in the mood this time, but he should be able to act with his reason intact the next time. However, he would still do the same thing.
But, this time, of his own will.

“I ain’t a knight.”

He muttered and expectedly smiled. The words coming out of his mouth were terribly ridiculous.

“I felt like we had hit a roadblock at the start, but the weather is nice and ideal for the perfect adventure.”
“80% of the time, you’re the reason for the roadblock.”

The two walked, stepping on the crisp grass in the open field. As they could still see the country’s walls at this distance, monsters would hardly appear, and gentle and cheery Lizel was even more relaxed.
Although the possibility of a monster appearing wasn’t zero the closer to the country you got, that didn’t matter.

“This country’s military police are diligent folk, but that’s fine since I found it interesting.”

The two were talking about the events this morning. There was no basic rule between them to have breakfast together, but on days like today when they had plans to go out together, there was no need to purposely avoid each other.
This happened as they were casually enjoying the homemade cooking of the inn owner, the hostess’s husband.

“Excuse us! We have received information on a man masquerading as a nobleman lodging here!”

People had only started their day around at this time, so Gil scowled at the echoing voice and looked at Lizel.
Lizel was the source of all the rumors of a nobleman when he first came to the inn, but he had denied it himself and those around him were aware by now. The neighborhood children would frolic and shout, “The nobleman, the nobleman,” each time they caught sight of Lizel, but it appeared that this was taken the wrong way.

“Presently, there is no one amongst this country’s nobles who is concealing themselves in the city. Obediently turn them in!”
“Wait a moment. Don’t force your strange suspicions on my guests! Doing such things without consent is a bother!”

In the blink of an eye, an armed conflict was about to break out between the hostess and the military police. Even without Gil looking over at Lizel, he knew Lizel was looking on with amusement as he would quietly watch as a spectator when possible whenever he was at the center of some commotion.
Naturally, his time as a spectator came to an end when the man who looked to be the leader of this group of military police pushed the hostess aside and entered the dining hall.

“Hey, they’re here.”
“More importantly, that’s no way to treat a lady.”

Lizel had been gracefully drinking his coffee after his meal when the military police gathered in front of him. Although the military police captain was closer to a knight than a nobleman, his position had given him plenty of chances to meet such people.
So, even a man such as himself, who had the opportunity to actually meet a noble, was convinced even when Lizel was acting casually, and he bowed his head.

“I deeply apologize! I had previously confirmed with the top and was informed that no one had currently descended…!”

Hearing those words, Lizel smiled in amusement, Gil turned away in disinterest, and the hostess slapped the back of the captain’s head and reprimanded him for entering without permission.
After that, the military police still looked confused and unconvinced but still listened to the explanation that Lizel wasn’t a noble, nodded with obedient expressions as those around them told them that they had misunderstood in the beginning, and were exhausted when they heard that the “nobleman” was just a nickname made up by the neighborhood children.
Since Lizel wasn’t pretending to be a nobleman and abusing the title, the noisy misunderstanding was peacefully settled, and the military left, though they expectedly still weren’t completely convinced.

“Come to think of it. The guards also did a double-take. Though, I thought they would have been accustomed to me already.”
“…Ain’t it because they know you now that it’s just a double-take?”

If he had exuded nobility at full force like the other day, then the guards would have undoubtedly stopped him at the gate and contacted the castle. Not only would Gil be arrested, but he would also certainly be treated as a kidnapper. Having the guards do a double-take with astonished looks when Lizel said they were adventurers was well within the realm of tolerance.
Ever since the events from that day, the hurdle of being average in Gil’s mind towards Lizel was lowered. He knew that this guy was also working hard.

“Well, you’re at least wearin’ adventurer’s gear.”
“That makes me truly happy.”

Changing his entire outfit as per Gil’s suggestion was quite effective. Lizel had originally arranged his outfits the day after he met Gil, but they were completely different from the typical adventurer’s ensemble.
Without any armor or breastplate, his attire could be described as defenseless for an adventurer, but these specially-made clothes were recommended by Gil so he wouldn’t have to worry about defense.

“For a beginner like myself to have such high-quality gear… I feel somewhat awkward.”
“It’s the standard to take the best measures you can right now. If anythin’, slackin’ on that is the stupidest thing you can do.”
“That’s true.”

The clothes were composed of pelts of high-level monsters sewn together with thread, and that alone was capable of defending against various attacks and preventing damage. It was more protective than metal armor. Additionally, mithril drawn into a wire was used in the stitching, so it boasted watertight absorption and reflection of magic attacks.
Gil also used similar materials, so the two looked to have matching light gear. According to Gil’s anecdote, it was easy to move in.
By the way, mithril was hard to come by, but as Gil had some in his possession, they utilized that. It would cost time and money for something custom-made, but money wasn’t an issue for Lizel. As for time, Lizel had no problem since he would sandwich weeks of reading in between.
By the way, both Gil and Lizel left the design entirely to the artisan, so not only were they greatly troubling the artisan, but they also would be exhibiting the artisan’s and the surrounding’s image of him.

“But, to think that my image is that of a magician.”
“I’m fully-decked in black.”

As he said, Gil glanced over at Lizel. Based on Lizel’s tone, Gil assumed that his specialty must not be magic. However, Gil still couldn’t spot any weapon on Lizel’s body and doubted that his body was muscularly built.
Gil stopped, ready to finally have his suspicion cleared. Lizel was a few steps ahead when he turned around and looked at Gil who had suddenly stood still.

“Hey, that’s a meadow rat.”
“Hm~… Ah, it’s amazing that you spotted it.”
“You’re lookin’ at the wrong place. You’ll get used to it.”

In a space roughly a hundred meters away, a rat about fifty centimeters tall was there. This time’s request was to exterminate ten of these meadow rats.
This meadow rat request was always posted on the low-rank board. The holes dug by these creatures were large to fit their body size, so when they made their burrows in the streets used by carriages, the horses would be caught and tumble.
They can apparently grow to two meters, but the ones around the country rarely grow that big due to the periodic culling.

“Studd did say that there wouldn’t be any danger.”
“They run away immediately. And, they’re pretty nimble on their feet.”

But, it was exactly because their dangerous behavior cannot be overlooked that this request was posted. As he considered such, Lizel nodded once.

By the way, the one at the counter when he accepted this request was, for some reason, Studd. It was true that the newcomer reception was open, but he ended up going over and using his open counter.

“You do it yourself first.”
“Did I get it? Ah, it looks like I did.”

Lizel shaded his eyes with his hand to confirm if his target was still moving far away. A vein popped in Gil’s forehead, but he soon gave up and let out a sigh.

“You really can’t live without surprisin’ people, can ya…?”
“Eh, I’m sorry.”

Lizel’s face asking, “Were you surprised?” didn’t look timid at all. Together with Lizel turning around, that floating beside him also faced Gil.
Gil had seen something like that before. It was a weapon known as a “gun” that seldom appeared in the labyrinth treasure chests. The long barrel was heavy, and it can only load the bullets that it came with at that time.
For some reason, whenever you tried to use bullets from another treasure chest, they couldn’t be loaded. Also, you cannot reload bullets once they’ve been fired. Presently, the highest recorded number of bullets loaded in one gun was six, but there were times when the gun came empty.

The public opinion was that it was unusable. Everyone who tried it out said that one shot from it at critical times was the best, but it was also a worthless weapon at critical times.
Even if you take good care of it, you wouldn’t know how many bullets were loaded unless you shot them out, so you would hesitate to shoot. And, if you did use it, its recoil was enough to break your shoulder. It truly couldn’t be used as a weapon.
Nowadays, it was only used to display for those who love to collect.

“Do I look like a guy who wouldn’t at all be surprised that the thing floating next to ya just destroyed that meadow rat?”
“I thought you were fundamentally someone who didn’t get surprised.”
“Well, you didn’t think far enough.”

Lizel’s joke completely placated Gil’s irritation. He was used to it.


Gil said as he looked around. There were no more monsters nearby. A quick chat shouldn’t pose any problem.
With a twirl of his finger, Lizel had the floating gun loop around the two of them once.

“From where I’m from, it’s mostly the same. We arbitrarily call it a rifle.”
“A rifle, huh. If you just call it that, then it must not be a common weapon.”
“Yes, the ones who can use it, including me…number three, I believe.”

The reason was the same in this world—it seldom came out of the labyrinths. While the reason why there were so few people who used it was roughly the same, one aspect was completely different.
Because there was a fundamental difference in the gun itself, the number of people who could use it was limited.

“The guns in this world fire metal bullets, correct?”
“I only saw it once, but it was a metal mass with some kind of magic imbued in it.”

“Like this,” Gil drew the shape in the air. The teardrop-shaped object was probably restricted to its usable gun by magic.
By the way, the research surrounding that magic had already been abandoned. The magic created inside the labyrinths can never be usable to humans. It defied logic. That was the indomitable truth.

“This gun fires lumps of mana, like this…”

Without any hesitation, Lizel pointed the gun muzzle at his head, so Gil swiftly put the palm of his hand in between. Immediately after, what he was hit with wasn’t what had blown off the head of the meadow rat before but a ball of air.

The puff dissipated, blowing past Lizel’s hair as it revealed an amused smile underneath the disheveled hair.

“I see. I had missed the previous instance, but it seems you truly can be surprised.”

Gil’s hand meant to protect Lizel smacked him. Lizel combed his messy hair with his fingers and smiled as he looked over at Gil.
He didn’t think that Gil would instinctively try to protect him at that moment. The man himself seemed to understand his actions, causing Lizel to clearly feel the effects from yesterday.

“(It was worth it to interrupt their conversation, hehe.)”

He thought it was a good influence. There truly wasn’t any need for Lizel to do anything to dismiss that troublesome man.
But, that was the simplest way. To have Gil faithfully stay by his side. To prevent Gil from being bored with him. To keep Gil in the palm of his hand. That was the most effective measure he could presently take.
Gil seemed to be aware of his intentions, but Lizel didn’t mind. Their current relationship, where both benefitted each other, was ideal.
He had no intentions of relinquishing such an excellent person. He still possessed the thoughts commonplace among those who stand at the top.

“You make a nasty face, oh noble lord.”
“Oh, I don’t like that. Please pretend you didn’t see it.”

Gil had a smile that hinted at his ferocity, so Lizel returned with his own smile. He couldn’t deny it.
He had no desire to hide it in the first place. Nevertheless, those who noticed such were a rarity.

“Then, I’ll continue.”

Lizel pulled himself together again and gracefully traced with his finger in the air.

“I said that it fires mana, but it requires mana to be loaded in first.”

The gun faced backward. As far as Gil knew, the guns here were all created the same, so there must be somewhere to load the bullets.
There was space for six. Usually in this world, metal bullets would fill them and be fired. All the space in Lizel’s rifle was filled, but the bullets were transparent as if made from glass.

“When I supplement these bullets with mana, look.”

Lizel pointed to one of the bullets. It was probably supplemented with mana as it suddenly changed from transparent to a faint green.
He pointed to the next bullet. It turned red. Next bullet. Blue.

“The color of the element? The effect?”
“The one I used before was wind. With the increased firing speed and distance, it can pierce the target. This element is the easiest for me to use.”

He pointed to the fallen meadow rat. If they were to get too close to it, they would run the risk of encountering other monsters. As such, they hadn’t moved from their original spot, though they were close enough to confirm that there was a gaping hole in the rat’s head.

“The part hit by fire will explode. By water, freeze. By earth, the ground will be affected some way.”
“Only this one is random. Even I don’t understand. It will open holes or create protrusions…”

Lizel pondered with an embarrassed smile. In the first place, the gun was also a byproduct of the labyrinths in Lizel’s world. It never worked the way he wanted to, so he rarely ever used the earth element.
“Still,” Gil thought. There was no way Lizel was using this without any risk. He probably mitigated the recoil since it was floating, but if that was the only demerit, then guns would have been rated higher.

“So, if only three guys can use it… the requirements must be tough.”
“You’re correct. As a matter of fact, it’s exactly as you’ve said. Guns in my world can only use the supply provided with them beforehand.”
“Then, mana? Mana’s the snag, huh.”
“Exactly. In fact, unlike magic tools, you cannot externally replenish it with mana.”

Magic tools activate when you inject mana in it yourself or when it automatically absorbs it from its surroundings. However, the transparent bullets loaded in the rifle were already there when the gun was discovered. Just like with this world, the highest number of bullets that had been confirmed was six.
Once used up, it can no longer be refilled. The gun had been exhausted. The recoil was likewise powerful. Although Lizel knew that it was an extremely unfriendly weapon to use, he discovered a technique revealed to him by his former student one day.

“Through a teleportation spell, I can transfer mana directly into the bullet.”
“Even though it’s impossible to inject it, it’s possible to manifest it… How’d he come up with that?”
“Indeed. I didn’t know what I would do if something happened.”

The gun was a device discovered inside a treasure chest in a labyrinth. He had to consider the possibility of the worst-case scenario if they messed with it the wrong way.
Although everything was all right in the end, Lizel was seriously angry at that time. The probability of dying from modifying a labyrinth item was certainly not zero.

“So, when I said that only three people could use it, I meant that teleportation spells are spells characteristic of the royal family.”
“…Hey, you.”
“No, I’m hardly related. It’s simply because a member of the royal family had married into our family several generations ago.”

In Lizel’s original world, the royal family was chosen according to their lineage. Those with that linage can use teleportation spells. Since several thousands of years ago, this tradition had been observed, and no citizen wasn’t proud of it.
That was exactly why to prevent the lineage from ending, a daughter of the royal family was married into a reliable noble family. And that happened to be Lizel’s family.

“It wasn’t that she didn’t possess a strong connection to this special lineage at that time. There was already a child who would become king then, so she peacefully became part of the duke’s family. The blood diluted with the following generations, and even my parents couldn’t use the spells at all… Um, I guess it was atavism.”
“And that didn’t get you caught up in anythin’?”
“That wouldn’t get me involved in anything. My ability to use transportation spells is only at the lowest level. At any rate, my current king is said to be history’s greatest practitioner of teleportation spells.”

Lizel triumphantly boasted, “He’s an absolute being.”
He probably said that because the king was his former student. In the first place, Lizel hadn’t requested this himself. Because those around him left the king’s education to him, no one suspected that the king would ask for a replacement. Lizel also conducted himself with a firm belief in that.
It was also a fact that Lizel’s ability to use teleportation spells was at the lowest level. Transferring mana to load the gun was the best he could do. Teleportation spells primarily were capable of moving objects with mass.
Lizel’s level of teleportation spells would normally be unhelpful and useless, but he himself was satisfied since he could make use of the rifle.

“Well, the recoil is still too strong, so I cannot hold on to it when I use it.”
“Is this also a teleportation spell?”
“No, look. You’ve occasionally seen them, yes? The people who can freely control the offensive magic, Flare Ball. This is the same.”

Being told that, Gil comprehended. When attacking the enemy, Flare Ball travels in a straight trajectory. However, skilled magicians were capable of having the attack pursue the enemy.
Not only was it difficult, but it also required concentration, and even Gil only knew a few people who could do it. However, it appeared that Lizel could manipulate his rifle under that principle.
By the way, Gil had never seen someone who could do it while talking.

“The recoil is nothing for the current king. He could fire with one in each hand.”
“He a monster?”
“Many who opposed him often say such.”

As Lizel laughed merrily, he lowered his hand that had been raised while controlling the gun.
The flying rifle disappeared just like that. Lizel added, “This method is a trade secret.”
This secret was something related to his original world, so it would be pointless to publicize it in this world. However, as long as Lizel was in this world, it was still possible for the denizens of this world to go to his world. He didn’t think it would happen in the first place, but as long as the possibility wasn’t zero, Lizel had to take adequate consideration.

“What do you think? I hope I wouldn’t have any problem as an adventurer.”
“I don’t think there’ll be one.”

Immediately after, Gil’s hand grabbed Lizel’s collar and pulled it close. Lizel promptly tried to resist by tensing his legs, but his struggle was fruitless and he collided right into Gil.
When Gil was about to use the palm of his hand that had grabbed Lizel’s clothes to support, Lizel, in turn, openly grabbed the arm to support himself and slowly fixed his posture. Lizel didn’t condemn Gil. He merely smiled as he smoothed the wrinkles in his clothes.

“As you’ve surmised, I’m no good with those standing at close range.”

Gil was already convinced during that week Lizel spent completely absorbed in his books. If he could go on for that long without moving, then he normally wasn’t an active person. His physical abilities most likely weren’t different from other adult men.
In actuality, Lizel himself didn’t have any expectation of his physical abilities. That didn’t mean he wasn’t good at exercising, but he completely doubted his ability to maneuver the battlefield.
They were often misunderstood, but nobles were also busy. While they had time to diligently work at their desk, they had no time to spare to train their body.

“With that weapon you got there, you could deal with nearby targets… Its range?”
“With the wind element, it ranges from zero to two hundred meters. If precision is not an issue, then the attack range can almost reach three hundred meters.”
“Guardin’ will be hard from that far away. The standard is mid-range. Time lag till the gun fires?”
“Practically nonexistent. It’s capable of rapid-fire. However, it’s dangerous when my mana is exhausted, though not too long ago, I shot three hundred shots in rapid succession.”

Needless to say, Gil was a swordsman, and not only did he never train with magic, but he also couldn’t use it. He only engaged in close combat.
What Lizel witness in that scuffle the other day coincided with his expectation. While Gil didn’t appear to be very muscular, his sheer power was a cut above the rest. Lizel wondered why Gil couldn’t use magic despite possessing mana, but he didn’t ask about it.
The two were well-balanced: close range and mid-to-long-range.

Fundamentally speaking, Gil didn’t plan to involve himself with this request, so Lizel naturally knew of his intentions. If he asked, Gil would respond. If he didn’t ask for help and faced a dangerous monster, Gil would get involved. Still, such a danger wouldn’t happen.
But, it was utterly useless if Lizel, whose close combat was lacking, couldn’t complete a request by himself. Before he could reflect on his need for a vanguard, something else had to first be considered.

“Ey, there’re three.”
“Eh? Aye.”

Like how he would casually greet a passerby, Lizel raised a hand and had the rifle appear. However, without even looking at his weapon, he pointed straight at the meadow rats. Together with the bang, a meadow rat’s body halted and collapsed among the grass.
Two more gunshots followed, and two more rats that had been fighting each other over territory farther away than the first one were killed.

“…I won’t be shot by that thing, right?”
“How rude.”

Everything would be over once you’ve been shot from behind while engaging with a monster. If two hundred was said to be the limit, then it was certainly possible to be shot within that two hundred range.
“Is that supposed to reassure me?” Gil started walking. Six more to go. If no problems arise, they could return to the guild by noon.

“That reminds me.”

As he casually looked at their surroundings, Lizel opened his mouth. Even though he was looking around, it wasn’t because he was on alert. If anything, he was simply enjoying the scenery as if he was sightseeing.

“Why are you a B-rank, Gil?”
“You should be able to go higher. I mean, even the man the other day was a B-rank.”

The man they were involved with yesterday was only competent enough to barely reach the B-rank through his party with six other people. Lizel said “even the man the other day,” but it wasn’t exactly simple to become a B-rank even with a party.
Although his manner of speaking of this capable man was done unconsciously, Lizel gave his harsh criticism. He naturally knew that there were only several people present there who discerned the power difference between the man and Gil, but what Lizel prioritized wasn’t where among the powerful he placed but whether he definitely exceeded a standard level.

“Well, I’m solo. That’s all.”
“The truth is?”

Gil declared these words without any hesitation. It was rare to see Lizel this enthusiastic, so Gil frowned in disagreement. He looked down and glared at the amused face slightly shorter than him. Of course, it had no effect.
When such a look was given to him, Lizel was convinced. Even if his status was someone to be escorted daily, he was surrounded by and observed powerful people.
Additionally, his critical eye was exceedingly sharp, even among nobles. He could see through these people even at the first meeting. As such, Lizel was confident in his judgment that Gil was an overwhelmingly strong person.

“The truth is?”

His eyes attempting to uncover everything directly bathed Gil, hinting that Gil may no longer be able to hide it. And, Gil let out a sigh of resignation.

“…Special requests show up for those A-rank and above.”
“The frequent customers of the guild are mostly nobles and merchants, after all. That’s why to reach A-rank and above, you can’t rely only on power. You must show the proper etiquette towards dignitaries.”

Lizel said as he recalled the guild rules. As a side note, etiquette training was held in the guild for people to advance to A-rank.
“And?” Lizel requested with his look for Gil to continue. Gil had suddenly stopped but was now walking again.

“Manners and stuff are too much work. It’s not like I wanna involve myself with ‘em either.”

Lizel sensed that Gil wasn’t lying. But, he also wasn’t telling Lizel everything.
Lizel wouldn’t childishly reprimand Gil for hiding something, but he wanted to know if the chance ever came. Because he had an inkling of sorts, he felt it was unnecessary to pursue.
Even though he knew he was capable of exposing the truth here, Lizel wouldn’t do it. The day when Gil says from his own mouth would come. So, Lizel waited in anticipation for that day as he followed behind the man walking before him.

“Hey, one to your right and one barely within your range to your left.”

That day, Lizel safely defeated ten meadow rats and headed back to report his completion to the receptionist, who happened to be Studd again for some reason.

<Translator’s Comments> It’s confusing how both Lizel’s and Gil’s worlds are similar yet different. One of them I mentioned is the difference between “spells” and “magic”. For example, it appears that Lizel’s world has “teleportation spells” while Gil’s world has “spatial magic.” In all, please just keep the idea of “spells” and “magic” as separate.

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