Sorcerer King is Dropped in Light of Licensing

As the title states, The Sorcerer King of Destruction and the Golem of the Barbarian Queen has been licensed in English by the lovely folks at Seven Seas Entertainment. Read on their website the details of release date and price.

As such, I’ll be dropping the WN translation.
So, please buy the official LN when it becomes available for you. Support the author and Seven Seas. Quality is guaranteed 😀

Now, a question for my readers. Is there another novel you would like me to translate? WN and LN are fine (but if you’re suggesting a LN, I’ll need a copy of the 1st volume raws and a proof of purchase). I’ll have to read at least that far before I determine if I want to translate it.
If there’s none, I’ll focus on Ashes and Kingdoms only. (Rejoice the handful of fans of this novel!)


4 responses to “Sorcerer King is Dropped in Light of Licensing”

  1. ReBirth is an alphapolis novel, so unless someone sponsors me to get the raws, I won’t do it.
    As for Ryuugoroshi, I’ll consider it, but I’ll have to check it out. I’m a little suspicious since the WN is 71 chapters while the LN is 11 whole volumes.


  2. sephiriaevangeline Avatar

    A little late to the news (I just read about it on NUF), but CONGRATS!!!


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