Hiatus Update

Hey guys~ I’m alive!
Translations will hopefully resume soon, but there’ll be changes to scheduling and such. I’m currently working on a big translation project (not sure if I can spoil the surprise here.)
In any case, please sit tight and I’ll come back better and stronger.

Oh, and have you guys been reading anything interesting in the meantime? I missing reading and want to get some of your suggestions (actual novels or translations.)


7 responses to “Hiatus Update”

  1. welcome back.


  2. Yahallo! Glad to have you back with us!

    I will definitely stick around waiting for your updates, no matter how long it takes. As long as there is no official announcement of a permanent stop. Another big project is a piece of better news, actually.

    You want a suggestion on novels? I have 2 to offer!
    1) Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglan. A recent addiction of mine.
    This one is kinda hard to follow since its a Chinese-English translation. I trust you know how the Chinese Lits tend to have longer sentences and detailed descriptions. Once you get past that though, it is a rich novel that is sure to captivate you. The depiction of ancient China’s culture and its social structure is through the POV of a Female lead, which is presented in a pragmatic and funny way different from usual Manhua. The novel was very popular and even got adapted into a series.
    2) The Witcher. No need for explanation on this, I guess?



    1. Thanks for your welcome and recommendations~

      I’ve heard of The Witcher and it’s on my To Buy list. I’ll try out that CN novel.


  3. Welcome back! Looking forward to more updates, considering the quality of your translations and the pacing of the WN over the manga.

    Only thing I’ve been reading worth noting is Fake Holy Sword. Most regular heroes are boring, but reluctant heroes are way more entertaining (misunderstandings ftw).


  4. hey man nice do see you back. Hope you resume soon since you translations are really good. Novels for you to read ….hum. Probably one that i am reading recently is the second coming of gula, Trinity blood the novels and Eighty Six. All of these three are awesome novels.


    1. I’m starting translating the next chapters, so they should out soon (I hope)
      As for your recommendations, I have a couple of volumes of Eighty Six but haven’t gone around to reading them, and I have heard of Trinity Blood. Thanks~


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