Update: Sorcerer King Terminology

I’ve been thinking about changing the terms for this novel. When I was reading the raws for the most recent manga chapter, I remembered that there’s technically 3 different terms for “magic” in this world. As such, I’ll be working on editing the previous chapters to match while the new chapter is being translated. (You’ll actually be surprised how long it actually took me to think of new terms…)

So far, the terms changing will be so far are:

魔法 (mahou) = magic / 魔法陣 (mahou-jin) = magic array
魔術 (majutsu) = wizardry / 魔術者 (majutsu-sha) = wizard / 魔術式 (majutsu-shiki) = spell / 魔術陣 (majutsu-jin) = spell circle
魔力 (maryoku) = mana / 魔術入門 (majutsu-nyuumon) = Introduction to Wizardry
魔導 (madou) = sorcery

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