Sorcerer King Ch. 9

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Anyway~ so here we learn that the MC doesn’t know his own name? What name do you think it was/should be?

Chapter 9: Pet Dog and Name

I slowly raised my upper body from the bed and stared at the golem in front of me.
This pure white golem I named Goltarou silently stood beside the bed.
I was wondering about this, but were my words reaching this guy?

“Hey~ Goltarou.”
Ah, he properly faced me. Looks like he does understand.
In that case, I have to introduce myself.
The first greeting is always important.

“Thanks for looking after me, Goltarou. I hope we get along well. My name is…”

My name is…

I froze.
This unbelievable revelation overwhelmed my entire thinking process.

“…—What is…my name?”

I didn’t know my own name.


I sat on top of the bed and gazed at my reflection on the faintly transparent window, inspecting the image of a young man.

Yeah, I would say this face looked like it belonged to a youth with a promising future ahead of him, though there was a hint of mischief behind those eyes.
But, I had no choice but to overcome with a smile the face I was born with.
I was a man who would work with the cards given to him.

I grew up in a normal Japanese household…or so I had thought.
I wasn’t sure anymore.
My memories of anything related to my family were faint.
I mean, if I was suddenly told, “Your daddy’s an Italian,” I would probably accept that as the truth on the spot.

I was a serious bookworm and a college student.
I felt like I had been preparing for my entrance exam to get into graduate school.
Wait. Or did I already finish the exam? Then, was I graduate student?
Hn? This may be bad.
Even the most recent memories surrounding my personal life were super fuzzy…

When did this start?
There wasn’t a single time I really needed to reconfirm anything about myself ever since coming to this world.
There was no one else here besides me here, after all.
Until I met with Goltarou, I had only encountered a skeleton and an insect.
Normally, I wouldn’t need to analyze myself if there was no one around.
Right? I will always be me, right?
Since I was caught in such a drastic change in circumstances by coming to this new world, I didn’t have any time to worry about that kind of stuff.

But then again…
Truthfully, until I arrived at this moment, I had sensed this doubt numerous times in the corner of my mind.

When I was first summoned into this world, I didn’t even consider that this could be another world. That was why I had believed that I could get my family to pick me up as long as I could get into contact with them. Yet, I believe I couldn’t even recall how any one of my family members looked at that time.
Now that I think about, it was the same when I created Goltarou. When I was thinking about what kind of relationship I wanted with my golem, I recalled my dumb yet reliable pet dog. But, as you’ve guessed, I couldn’t remember its name either.
Could the reason for my unnaturally faint connection to my previous world be due to the danger to my life after being thrown into an unknown world?

These were the tiny sensations of discomfort I had completely overlooked as I was caught in the middle of the dizzying change of scene.
But, those discomforts all pointed to one fact.
—That’s right; I had already fallen into a state where I didn’t know my own name and family right after being summoned.

With this revelation, the name of the summoner Luvel Zairein popped in my head.
Ain’t this all that guy’s fault?!
Finding out that he had planned on controlling me to destroy this world had already raised too many warning signs that I couldn’t help but miss some.
I had barely managed to avoid the most dangerous spell that would destroy my memory & overwrite my personality, the horrid [Soul Transcription]. But, I did get caught up in the hypnosis trap that would have led me there. Could it be that the summoning circle still had something else implemented?
When I thought about how the inside of my head was meddled with, I recognized the baffling nature of how I could understand this world’s language. To begin with, how did this even benefit the bastard Zairen? I mean, he was planning on completely overwriting my memories, right? So, was there anything to be gained by making me forget my family, myself, and even my dog’s name? Especially the dog one. I highly doubt there was any meaning behind that.
Seriously… I don’t get it…

However, my ability to quickly change the gears in my head was one of my strong suits.

To be honest here, my current circumstance in this world didn’t allow me the time to worry about my own name.
If I act carelessly, I could die.
I knew I had engrossed myself in playing around with golems since I had lacked companionship, but I should really be working to get out of the basin by now. My food supply wasn’t limitless.
It was possible that the shock from being summoned had caused a light case of temporary amnesia.
Wait. That seems more probably…

In any case, with the added intention of reconfirming my own memories, I decided to talk about various things about my original world to Goltarou.
They say that it’s quite the effective method to organize your own thoughts when you voice everything for others to hear.
As such, I began to calmly talk to Goltarou as he sat beside my bed.


“…And just like that, I found myself coming to this world. The only remnants of those days are only those lame pajamas over there.”
Goltarou was intently listening to my story. It was still a mystery whether or not he truly understood words, but just as I mentioned the lame pajamas, he turned his head to look at them.
Looks like on top of being able to comprehend words, he was seriously listening to my story. What a good guy.

And while I was talking about various things about my original world, I’ve come to realize the full extent of my memory loss.
As I’ve guessed, it wasn’t that I had forgotten everyone’s names.
It was limited to only those who were close to me. Furthermore, the closer the person, the vaguer the memory became. Name, face…and even proximity.
What was truly frightful was that when it came to parents and siblings, it was so that I didn’t know if they truly existed or not.
Conversely, I could easily recall the prime minister and famous actors.
Oh, but I don’t remember my dog or its name.
Normally, you should be able to recall if it’s a good, loyal, or even famous dog.
Which reminded me… I know I had a cat as well, but likewise, I can’t recall its name. What exactly was this strange phenomenon?
My memory of the great figures of history was practically perfect.
While I was going on about my past, I somehow ended up derailing into an explanation about Tokugawa Ieyasu, but Goltarou continued to diligently listen to me. He’s too good. Rather, he’s super serious. Do you like Ieyasu that much? Woah, your face is too close.

With his face this close, I finally noticed the strange epigraph on Goltarou’s forehead.
It wasn’t that eye-catching and the design not too complex. It looked like some kind of letter, like an upside-down triangle.
I don’t remember carving such a pattern when I created the base.
It was probably imprinted there when the command activated.

As I fiddled with his forehead in order to examine the pattern, Goltarou faintly trembled.
Oh? Even the way he reacts to me playing with his face is like a dog’s!
Amused, I roughly rubbed Goltarou’s head as I would do to a beloved pet dog.

“Ahaha, your head’s surprisingly rough!”

This was probably due to my crafting ability…
Forgive my inability to create something smooth.

With this interaction, my mood began to lighten up.
Even the weight on my body was fading. Though, it doesn’t look like I can walk around just yet.
But, it really does feel good to have someone around to talk to.

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