Prioritizing one series: New Update

The list down below is null and void…for reasons

Herscherik and Your Kingdom are running on their own schedules, so it really comes down to Ashes and Kingdoms and Sorcerer King now.

Now that the manga for Sorcerer King is out, a lot of new readers have come here for that. As such, I’ll be prioritizing that one from now on since if I make a new poll here, I’m sure it’ll win this time.

As for those fans of Ashes and Kingdoms, I’ll still be working on it. Truthfully, I had always wanted to take more time with the chapters because fully capturing the author’s image is more difficult here than with an other story I’ve translated so far. But, I’m sure the fans of this novel are already used to the slow releases (I’m really sorry about that. Once I get better and have more time, I’ll definitely try to pump out chapters. )

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