Ashes and Kingdoms v2 1-1

<A Message from me:> Welcome to Volume 2~ I’ve actually translated the volume 1 SS and the character sheet for volume 2. As they contain some slight spoilers, I was debating if I should post them or not. Let me know!

1-1. The Flame Dragon Lord of the East

The grape harvesting season began in various places around Diatius during the dazzling latter half of summer.

In the past, it was only the southern part of the main country took part in grape harvesting, but with the expansion of the empire, fields spread as far as the northern region, especially since wine was a staple of the main country’s lifestyle.

Since the providence of Nornikom had been assimilated into the southeastern portion of the empire early on and its climate rarely changes, grapes had become an essential agricultural product for them. Harvest time also provided a break from the battle. Its soldiers were professionals, but their subordinates were mostly composed of farmers. As such, the entire army would become weak during harvest time. If you were to force them comply with the army, there would be backlash, so there was no need to risk this.

Elecia Rofurus Tius, the one currently calling herself the King of Nornikom, was sipping on the local wine from her balcony as she gazed at the city, satisfied.

After she had driven the troops from the main country out of the provincial capital Comus, she renamed it to Rofuria. Now that the army who had carried the flag of the emperor, the son of that mass-murderer, and his allies, who trampled on this land as if it was a colony of theirs, were no longer here, the scenery had become much better. Even this wine rolling down her throat tasted a whole level better. Elecia leaned on the handrail and suddenly recalled her past.

The people of Nornikom had placed their loyalty in the House of Rofurus over the emperor in the past. Because of this, Emperor Genas had aggressively demanded that their leader, the head of the Tius family, be purged. Did he anticipate for the entire Nornikom providence to rebel against the nation of Diatius as a result of this?

――He did not. He even attempted the same against his younger brother and the Council of Dragon Lords, but this resulted in his assassination.

Elecia slightly knitted her eyebrows together and expelled the memory of that horrid man with a sigh.

She sensed laughter in the corner of her mind. Right as Elecia looked up, a red light appeared in the clear, blue sky. It suddenly grew larger and swooped down beside the woman, its massive wings fluttering.

“Your flames of rage won’t disappear as usual, huh? Elecia.”

“And yet you laugh at it.”

Elecia gave off a small snort and looked up at the dragon covered in ruby scales. Elecia had sworn vengeance at the shrine of Gens, the god of flames, smithing, weapons, and war. The day she plead for strength so her spirit wouldn’t falter until the day she enacts her revenge, this dragon appeared.

Although the blood of a Dragon Lord flowed through the Tius family, she never imagined the day would come when she would form a bond with one. But, there was no hesitation in her decision. The only thing in her head was the destruction of the emperor’s family and Nornikom’s independence.

“Move aside, Cytus. You’re ruining the scenery.”

Elecia bluntly declared to the Flame Dragon Gencytus who was blocking her field of vision and shook her head. It was unsure whether this gesture was to brush off her auburn hair covering her face or if it was to order the dragon to leave. Gencytus’s golden eyes narrowed in delight. He lightly flew up and landed on top of the room.

“I won’t block your view from here.”

From the looks of it, the dragon’s massive body should have caused the roof to collapse, but in reality, not a single tile creaked.

Even without being seen, you could feel the pressure from his presence. Elecia frowned and said nothing more. She had a wry smile and after a small shrug, she returned her eyes back to the scenery.

[It’s not like I’m displeased with you or anything. It’s thanks to you that I was able to take back this city. You also have a right to enjoy this beautiful view, after all.]

She was momentarily dejected that the dragon’s power wasn’t what she had expected it to be. His outer appearance was indeed very mighty. His large wings and sharp claws and fangs were to be expected from the dragon belonging to the God of Flames. Of course, she had expected that she would easily be able to fly to the imperial capital in a heartbeat and reduce the palace to ashes.

However, now that she had formed a bond, she had come to the realization that Gencytus couldn’t produce fire, let alone blow out smoke. No, it was possible, but he warned her to not try as every single thing will be reduced to nothing. When she learned this, she felt regret, wondering for what purpose did she form this bond.

Gencytus sensed what Elecia was reminiscing about and bellowed in laughter.

[You were lucky. If you had asked anyone else besides us who follow the flames, they would have no interesting in joining your battle. Like showing up at the right time to spook your enemies, or flying ahead to the front lines.]

[Are you trying to make me feel indebted to you? You’re the one enjoying this anyways.]

Elecia giggled and placed the glass to her lips. Then, energetic footsteps could be heard approaching them.

“Lady Elecia. You were here, I see.”

The one who showed up was a young man with curly, dark brown hair and a serene air to him. He was the vice-commander of the Dragon Lord Rofurus’ Army and captain of the cavalry, Marius. Four years ago when the emperor enacted his purge, Marius was only a private. However, after a majority of generals were killed and he distinguished himself, he received a grand promotion from Elecia. However, the recipient of this honor wasn’t haughty; he fulfilled his duty with humility. Elecia was pleased with that characteristic of his.

Elecia turned around and showed a gentle smile. There were some people who would question her current look, but in reality, Marius could not comfort the widow’s loneliness. The reason for the female leader’s favor was a vain fantasy, imagining that her own children would become like this man. The woman’s tone was tender, but there was no real light in it.

“So? Are the preparations underway?”

Marius nodded, “Yes,” to her sincere question. He then looked up at tail hanging down from the roof.

“The blacksmith’s flames do not know rest, thanks to Master Gencytus. Everything is coming out nicely.”

“Very well. Do not overlook anything in the process.”

“The craftsmen, as well as their helpers and subordinates, are all doing their utmost for your Ladyship.”

Marius smiled as he said, but realized soon after and corrected himself, “I was impolite, Your Majesty.” Elecia didn’t fault him, but she couldn’t let it slide as she let out a strained laugh.

“Have to get used to it soon. Both you and me.”

“Yes. I apologize.”

Marius humbly lowered his head, and Elecia calmly nodded back.

The forging and repairing of weapons and armor was going smoothly. The people have also begun to alter their thinking that they’re citizens of the Diatius Empire to that of citizens belonging to the Nornikom Kingdom. They had guards by the main road to keep watch and were prepared enough to meet the enemy if the emperor decides to seize this land as his providence and send his ‘rebellion-suppression’ army.

(One day――yes, one day, I will march to the capital and eradicate the entire bloodline of Genas.)

Elecia glared at the far western sky and pressed her lips close together.

One day, for sure.

But now was not the time. Even if preparation for retaliation must be arranged, now was not the right time for them to attack.

(Just you wait, Emperor Valis. You killed your uncle and are stained with your family blood. I won’t allow the throne in Diact to have the privilege of controlling the world. We will never obey your orders.)

The flames of rage flared up together with her dazzlingly strong will.

Gencytus narrowed his eyes in comfort and let out a roar up to the sky.

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    1. It’s not much of a spoiler. A character who appears in Vol 2 shows up and there’s a bit of foreshadowing, but everything should be fine. I’ll work on editing it, and hopefully it should be up soon. Same for the character sheet.


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