Excuses and Future Plans

Hi guys, I know I said that I would only be away for a month, but it turned out to be 2. Really sorry ’bout that.

This might turn out into a long post so here’s a TL;DR: I have a full-time job now, so I can only work on and post chapters whenever I have time, which isn’t much. I’ll continue to translate though, as I love these stories.

I have a full-time job now, working 9-6 everyday for 5 days a week. However, this is really bad for my translations. When I was translating/was still a student, I translated after class. But now that I have a job, I’m too tired after work to get any real translating done.

So that leaves the weekend. Weekends are usually “my time”, family time, or doing chores. I’ll probably have to cut “my time” to fit in some translating, so that means I’ll continue, but slowly. Since I’m working on both Ashes and Kingdoms and Herscherik at the same time, that little time I have on the weekend will be split between the two.

Just so that this post isn’t entire negative, I have some good news. I really do want to continue to translate. It’s fun (as weird as digging holes can be considered fun?). I love the two novels I’m working on right now and have some that I’ve been reading on the side that deserve to be translated and read by those who can’t read the raws. There may be other translators who will come by and pick up the translation while I’m slowly making progress, but that won’t stop me. You’re free to move on to them if you can’t handle my pace, but I will keep working on my own translations even if no one is reading them anymore; that’s how much I enjoy doing this and the novels.

Also, because I can still read novels while I commute to work and home (which gives me approximately 2 hrs a day), I can spoil some bits of the story if you’d like. I’ve currently read up to 75% of Volume 3 of Ashes and Kingdoms (I’m still making my way through Volume 2 of Herscherik). You can contact me on NUF (AdCaelum), Discord (AdCaelum#8587), or even Twitter (@adcaelumnitor) to ask your question.

One response to “Excuses and Future Plans”

  1. Seriously, I will stick with your translation.
    Thank a thousand times in advance!

    No spoilers for me, I need no shortcuts for this epic. Sooooo I will patiently wait for your work (nudge, mudge, wink, wink)


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