Ashes and Kingdoms v1 3-4

Message from translator: Back from my trip and returned with a cold x_x. But I still have some chapters translated (2 to be exact) so I’ll still be uploading them while I try to get better. From what I’ve read ahead, the story’s pace does pick up, so thanks to all of you who have stuck around for all the buildup. Oh, and I realized that I had made a mistake earlier. Going by the story’s tone up till now, you’ve probably already rectified it in your mind, but I changed it anyways in the translation. Well then, enjoy~

Volume 1, 3-4: Wolf of Darkness

They decided to camp out in the shadow of the hill Winea was on that night.

Everyone was exhausted, but Fin chose to keep watch without saying anything. The stars popped out from the cracks in the clouds, but as the moon wasn’t out, the area was dark. Only Audia’s square lantern provided any light for him to rely on. The clear, smooth slope of the hill was very different from the shadow of the party huddling together in their sleep.

Time slowly passed, and no matter how long he waited, Leena didn’t show up.

(As expected.)

Fin sighed and surveyed the campsite. Oandus didn’t look like he could sleep well due to the pain. He continuously shifted around and grumbled, stifling his moans due to the pain of his injuries. Nellis was quiet, but when he peered into her face, he noticed that her face was dirty with traces of tears streaming down her face. He even heard the stifled sniffles and cries of the children.

Fin became aware that his own mind and spirit had suffered a considerable blow. His body hurt all over. When he went to check on who would be on the next shift for night watch, he was shocked that Iguros wasn’t there. The scene from the battle flashed in his mind, causing him to shudder.

(I have to hold out for a little longer. We’ve come this close. Winea is right in front of our noses. Nothing else can……)

First off, we’re right in front of the provincial capital, you know?

His thoughts trailed off to the words Iguros had said during the day. When he realized that, he shuddered again. The movement rebounded and he lost the strength in his head, letting it drop in between his knees. It was half due to sleepiness.

Oh, that was dangerous. Fin rubbed his eyes and stretched. His body felt like a block of cold clay as he felt more and more depressed.


Fin thought of the girl as he glared at the shadow of the hill that cut into the bluish-black night sky. His desire to see her was unbearable. He wanted her hand to touch him and to be surrounded by the fluffy clouds of warmth and comfort, putting him to sleep. However.

(….It’ll probably be painful for Leena. She’ll have to be in contact with the me now: exhausted and full of rage.)

He let out a deep sigh.

He didn’t desire power and only wanted peace of mind as he rested—When he thought of such excuses, he noticed a twinkle in the corner of his eye.

His body froze in surprise and reflectively stared in that direction. He recalled his time when he was on night shift duty in Nanais. When the light disappeared, the fear woke him as if his sleepy head had cold water splashed on it.


He gasped and half rose to his feet. Audia’ square lantern was weakly flickering.

(Are you kidding me?)

It wasn’t a fire that could easily be put out. He had thought that the oil had run out, but when he shook it, there was enough still left inside. Despite that, the light was weak, almost at the level of torch going out.

When Fin had realized what this meant, he was hit by shock.

(Something must have happened to Lady Fianera.)

This blessed square lantern housed the priestess Fianera’s divine protection, almost like a lingering scent. If any abnormalities were to happen to the person, then they would appear in the lantern as well.

(It couldn’t be)

The moment those dark thoughts appeared, Fin heard that all-too-familiar sound and quickly turned around. His hand instinctively grabbed his sword.

Dark clouds once again covered the sky, causing the foot of the hill to be absorbed into the darkness.

Pop Pop Blue, phosphorescent lights were lit inside this darkness that was washing over like a wave of dark water. Screech The pair of lights swayed with the sound of claws.

Fin took a quick look around his surroundings. There didn’t seem….to be any more. But on the contrary, it would be dangerous if they ran. There may be more Beasts lying in wait in the areas where the lantern’s light didn’t reach. It was smarter to gather around the light and protect themselves.

“Wake up!” Fin tried to scream.

But right as he was about to, the inhaled air froze his voice. He choked on the extreme chill and dangerously almost dropped his sword.

(Not, in this place….we’ve come this far, to just be annihilated.)

He forced his mouth closed to stop his chattering teeth and took a stance with his sword.

Shuu The chill echoed through the darkness. The moment he came in contact with the invisible fingertips of that darkness, he was overcome with despair and fell to his knees, deprived of his strength. It looked like his comrades behind him were covered with ice.


Nellis, Uncle, Aunt, Max—that’s right, Fernaine as well. He swore to Iguros that he would definitely protect her.

The darkness slowly drew closer to him. He could hear the sounds of breathing. Fin had willfully given himself up, ready to go to the underworld, but now he brought back his soul. He lit his slowly freezing life with fire, throwing his minuscule amount of willpower and fighting spirit into it.

Crunch crunch…..

The Beast of Darkness drew closer along with the sound of icicles being crushed.

Fin’s eyes were becoming teary, but he gripped both hands on his sword, waiting for the attack. He could probably get just one counterattack in before he was eaten. Additionally, if he could scream or make some noise, then it should wake someone up.

Snowflakes stuck to his eyelashes. I’m cursed. I’m surrounded by bottomless hatred and can’t escape. I’ll be crushed underfoot, shredded, and die—Such thoughts intruded the inside of his head.

Nevertheless, Fin didn’t move. Without averting his eyes, he continued to glare at the blue lights.

(It’s a wolf.)

He could vaguely make out the outline. The faint blue light casting in the shadows created an outline of its true shape.


A cold breath hit his face. The blue eyes had no pupils, and darkness trickled down from between its fangs, creating stains on the ground.

(Now, do it! Quickly!)

Fin tried to swing his sword, but his will didn’t even reach his arms. It felt like his body past his shoulder was a rock, not allowing for any sensation.

Fu, Fuu….

It appeared that the Beast was sniffing for Fin’s scent. It was almost like it couldn’t see any humans. It was just moving its nose, smelling around without actually touching anything. But that didn’t mean it couldn’t see. Fin had put as much resistance as he could and his eyes certainly met with those blue, glass-like eyes of the Beast.

—And when that happened, he caught a glimpse of the Beast narrowing its eyes.

In the next moment, a club was swung downward along with a groan of anguish right beside Fin. The Beast quickly jumped back and the chill suddenly faded. Fin returned to his senses, and like an arrow released from a bow with the bowstring pulled to its limit, he leaped out in an awkward attempt to attack the Beast. Of course, he didn’t intend this to be a reckless assault. It’s just that his body moved on instinct.

The large swing of his sword smacked into the empty space on the ground. The Beast had already moved an adequate distance away, hiding in the darkness and watching them.



He thought that he had certainly heard a laughing voice. Fin opened his eyes in surprise the same time the blue light flickered and suddenly disappeared.

Fin stood in a daze, unable to understand what just happened and if this was real. Shortly after, he ran out of strength and weakly sat down.

“Phineas….you alright?”

It was Oandus’ voice so Fin sluggishly turned around. Audia’s lantern returned back to its normal brightness and illuminated Oandus, allowing Fin to see him squat down. The others didn’t look like they would get up, either due to being that tired or having their strength sapped by the chill.


Fin rushed back in a hurry. Oandus groaned an, “I’m alright,” but pushed Fin’s chest away as Fin tried to hold him with his right hand. A new stain on the cloth that acted as a bandage was spreading. Despite that, he showed a stiff smile.

“It hurts a little, but that’s just pain… wasn’t because of that. I won’t die. What about you? You got on a face like you’re about ready to join the gods up there.”

“Why?” Fin shook his head. This wasn’t the time to be making jokes. “I wasn’t injured at all. I’m fine. Uncle’s the one…..”

That needs medical treatment. He knew that, but in this situation, there was nothing they could do. Fin slowly moved his hands in a confused manner, but in the end, he gave up and sat beside Oandus. The children around them stirred a little. Fin lowered his voice and whispered.

“At any rate, please rest. It’s still my shift for the time being. I’ll wake up Max or someone else halfway through.”

“Phineas. Before, you said that because of the pain, you couldn’t sleep. That’s why you took up watch duty, right? This time’s my turn…..This isn’t a joke, but you got a real awful face on. A face that says that you peeked into the underworld, took one step in, and at the last minute, came back. Otherwise, it’s like if you spent a whole day getting ground up by our mill.”


“Go, get some rest.”

Oandus pointed towards a safe area and slapped Fin’s back. That gesture was like the one he did in the past when he forced his children to go to bed. The warmth of his hand remained unchanged, causing Fin’s eyes to inadvertently become teary. Flustered, he nodded and laid down in the area.

“I’ll sleep here. This way, I can tell right away when something happens.”

“Yeah. I’m counting on you.”

Oandus gave a gentle answer, but in reality, he wasn’t planning on waking up Fin until the very last minute. And the two of them understood that.

Fin laid down on his side and closed his eyes, swaying on the brink of sleep.

(Why didn’t that eat me?)

Maybe it was acting as a scout and just happened to be on patrol. Though he didn’t think that they had such positions among themselves. All the Beasts of Darkness he had encountered had suddenly appeared and attacked. Only those types existed. They didn’t spend their time to carefully survey their situation.

Furthermore, it even left without doing anything. Though its chilling breath did leave them all quite a situation, like they were ground up in a mill for a whole day.

(Was it perhaps….mocking me?)

Shudder His consciousness wavered and plunged into the depths of sleep.

(…..So they….had such…..feelings…..)

In a blink of an eye, his head was submerged in dark and muddy water. Right before he was completely swallowed up, a pair of blue lights appeared—one of them twinkled, as if to wink. It was like an omen of a nightmare.

Right after, Fin’s breathing quietly slowed down, but there was a deep crease etched between his eyebrows.

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