Ashes and Kingdoms v1 2-8

Message from translator: This chapter has a good mix of despair and fluffiness. How does our author do it? What a nice way to end Chapter 2 (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄). Ugh, it’s so sweet. But unfortunately, I don’t think this happiness will last for long…but that’s just the way the story is. Anyways, enjoy~

Volume 1, 2-8: A Way to Advance Ahead

After supper, the family gathered together a little bit away from the children and discussed in whispered voices.

“No way!” Nellis immediately opposed. “If Big Bro doesn’t bring the letter, then what will happen!? Everyone in Nanais is waiting for aid!”

“I know that, Nellis.”

“Calm down,” Fin used his hands to pacify her. Nellis curbed her flustered mouth, “Hmph.” Next to her, Oandus gave a low groan.

“But, you know. If Iguros said that he won’t go any farther, then I also agree with his opinion that we won’t make it all the way to Winea by ourselves. There was only one of them on the highway, and that was a mess……..If only I could fight.”

Oandus let out a sigh. Even if he had the strength, there were no weapons, and even if there were weapons, he didn’t know how to handle them. Even if he a wielded an axe or club and could drive away weasels that invaded the fields or foxes that aimed for livestock in the shed, it wouldn’t have any effect on the Beasts of Darkness.

“Even if all of us could fight, it would be difficult.”

Fin muttered with a dark face. If they could be driven out with the power of just 4-5 people, then they would’ve been disposed of in a blink of an eye if a small platoon of Winea soldiers had been dispatched to each of the roads. This kind of situation didn’t fall upon itself.

“But, then…..”

Nellis’ words trailed off into silence. Fin understood that she swallowed back those words: then, is there no other way? Even though they discussed together what they wanted to do, the conclusion kept running into dead-ends.

Then, Fauna, who had been quiet until now, opened her mouth in a reserved manner.

“If we cannot go on the main road, isn’t that alright?”


“If they are waiting in ambush, then we head to Winea without passing through the highway.”

“How about that?” Fauna asked, slightly tilting her head, and Oandus was shocked, shaking his head at her and replied, “That’s absurd.”

If they leave the main road, then they won’t be able to tell their present location. Even if they can discern the direction via the stars and sun, they would be forced to take a take the long way around if there are no bridges over wetlands and swamps that may appear in their path. And while they’re going around, they might get lost.

Besides, there are barely any houses off the main road. In other words, there would be no hope of obtaining clean water from a well or even the smallest scraps of food.

However, before Oandus could give another word of denial, Fin quickly held him back.

“Please wait. That…might work.”

“What did you say? Are you really saying that, Phineas?”

“Of course, we can’t really stray that far away from the main road, but I got some idea.”

Fin said and stood up with his habit of placing his hand on his sword.

“If things go well, we can make a decision in the morning. Even if it’s no good, then we can in a few days.”

Nellis raised her eyebrows at his way of talking.

“Big Bro Fin, by chance….are you going to get help from that spirit? I’ll ask with you!”

While she didn’t wait for a response, she grabbed Audia’s square lantern. Fin stopped her.

“Don’t rush, Nellis. If it’s like the circumstances up till now, then Leena won’t come out unless it’s a moonlit night. So there’s no need for that. If it’s cloudy…..or even if you hear that sound, don’t open the door. Uncle and Aunt, please go to sleep first. Whether Leena appears or not, guard-duty isn’t necessary, okay?”

“Hmm. I also want to gaze upon that spirit, but I wonder. Do you think she’ll let me meet her?”

“I also want to give my greetings to her.”

Because those two gave such replies, Fin blinked his eyes and was a little troubled.

“What should I do? Leena isn’t really good with talking with humans, you see. If she doesn’t come out because there are too many people, we’ll be in trouble. So, for the meanwhile, please rest tonight. If Leena does appear, I’ll ask her if she is willing to meet everyone.”

Oandus and Fauna looked at each other with sad faces after being persuaded, but they didn’t fight back. “Well then,” they got up and headed towards the straw bed that the children prepared for them. Fin and Nellis headed towards the temple’s side entrance with stealthy steps.

The door was securely fastened with a bolt and a simple latch. But, since this is a temple in a small town, the door is made of crude wood and there’s a gap in the joints of the boards.

Fin pressed his eye against there and peeked at the outside situation.

“Looks like the moon is out.”

The whitish light filled his small line of sight. Next to him, Nellis pressed her ear against the door.

“And I can’t hear that sound as well. That means….Yup, they‘re probably……not here. They, aren’t here, I think.”

Fin remembered his trivial surprise and looked down on his sister. Her response was hesitantly serious, but confidence appeared on her face. Fin guessed that she surely “understood”. She understood, but since she hasn’t gained much experience in determining whether that was certainly the truth, she probably avoided making an assertion.

Nevertheless, Fin carefully and slowly undid the latch while readying his sword. He left the bolt on the side and gently opened the door. The bluish-white moonlight flowed at his feet, and Fin breathed a deep sigh of relief.

The two slipped through to go outside, closed the door, and took one step forward.


Nellis muttered in blank amazement. The town lit by moonlight didn’t look like ruins before, but rather the garden of the gods. Right in front of them, a goddess was gracefully walking—

As if following Nellis’ imagination, a white shadow lightly appeared out of nowhere.


Fin called out. Nellis raised her eyebrow at the tenderness in his voice. She never heard her tombstone of an older brother called anyone in such a way. Oya oya.

Of course, Fin did not notice the somewhat complicated thoughts of Nellis and took several steps, drawing closer to Leena.

“Good evening.”

Leena said without getting stuck and lowered her head in a shy bow, perhaps finally accustomed greeting people. Fin got caught into it and lowered his head as well. Nellis watched from the side as chills ran down her back but rushed over to her brother to bring him back with, “Hey, this isn’t the time for that.”

“Good evening, and nice to meet you.”

Nellis gave a greeting in a hurry, and Leena softly smiled at her. All of a sudden, Nellis became enthralled and looked at her in amazement. She looked at Leena underneath the moonlight and thought that she looked several times more beautiful than the previous day.

(Ah, that’s how it is.)

She closely gazed at her and noticed the reason why. Just as Fin said, if one were to calmly observe her, one would see that Leena’s facial features weren’t to the extent of a beauty. It’s just that her whole body was shining with a soft light. In addition, you could say that her appearance was of purity.

(Like a puppy.)

A fluffy white puppy. Nellis thought it was just as Fin had compared her to, and she succumbed to her urge to stretch out her arms and hug her tightly. And, as if sensing her intentions, it was Leena who first lightly embraced Nellis.

“You smell like the Earth,” whispered Leena in a dreamy state. “Master Neena’s power. It’s warm. And also, ver~y pretty.”

“I don’t really understand, but Leena’s pretty?”

As expected, Nellis became a little embarrassed and answered. At the same time Fin slightly opened his mouth as if to say, “Ah,” Leena’s cheeks were dyed in a rose color. Nellis was surprised, and Leena let go of Nellis is a hurry and placed both of her hands to hide her cheeks.

“Ah, aah, yes, uummmm, I guess so. Tha, thanks.”

She somehow said while glancing at Fin. Next to Nellis who was blinking in surprise, Fin was stifling a laugh.

When Leena’s complexion returned to normal, Fin cleared his throat and then began to talk.

“I got a favor to ask, Leena.”

“…..Wha, what is it?”

Leena tiled her head, but Fin didn’t overlook how her expression darkened.

Her parents placed a seal on her to prevent people from using her

Those words he heard before, meant that spirits had abandoned humans, right? It was only during the times of the ancient Great War that humans were able to utilize the spirits. From then onward, spirits and dragons rarely appeared before people and even the gods no longer bestowed great power upon the humans.

They were being cautious, wondering if humans would once again start fighting and cause the world to become unsteady.

Fin slowly took a breath and carefully chose his words as to not provoke Leena.

“We want to go to Winea. But, it looks like there are Beasts of Darkness waiting in ambush on the main road. That’s why we need to stray from the main road and must circle around whether it’s through wastelands or swamps. We have a map, but the trivial details aren’t drawn in. And if they are up ahead in the detour, then there’s no point in doing so.”

After saying that much, Fin fixed his stare on Leena.

“….Your eyes are better than ours, and I thought that you could see if they are there or which way is the correct path and such. If you can….can you tell us?”

“You want me to guide you?”

Leena asked in response with a disappointed face. Fin gulped and nodded his head.

“If you can appear without moonlight, and if you don’t mind helping out humans, then I want you, by all means, to aid us. Can you see the children inside this temple?”

“Yes. There are many of them. Everyone….is tired and injured.”

“I want to save those children. If we could just bring them with us to Winea….”

“Is it safe there?”

Leena asked casually. Fin was prodded on the most insecure part of his plan and couldn’t give a reply. In his place, Nellis answered.

“We don’t know, but it’s a big city there, and there’s gonna be an incomparable amount of soldiers there. So, I think it’s safe. Can you see it, Leena?”

Shake shake Lenna shook her head. Nellis gave a strained smile.

“I see. Of course. It takes 4 days on foot, so no matter how you look at it, you can’t see it, huh.”

“I could see it, if I use the Dragon Eye technique.”

“What’s that?”

“A magic from a long time ago. If you do stuff like cover or equip, in advance, the special tool that imitates a dragon’s eye, in the location you want to see, then you can sense the situation there from anywhere. Humans often used it during the great war.”


The brother and sister were at a loss for words for a while after ancient magic had been explained so lightly. They were suddenly hit with the realization that the girl before them was actually not a human and that they lived in different times.

After a little while, Nellis shyly asked.

“Um, well, Leena… old are you[1], now?”

“Eh? I am me, though. There’s only one.”

“-?? Um, I don’t mean that. I mean your age. In years. I’m talking about how many years have passed since you were born.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Uhhhh, probably, I think I’m around 16.”

“16 years old,” she wondered. Certainly, her outer appearance resembles that of a human around that age, but looking at her way of belittling herself, she may have a different perception of time and understanding of age.

The brother and sister exchanged faces of wonderment. Leena was perplexed, and her face became uneasy.

“Um….is that, important?”

“Nah, it’s fine. She was just a bit curious, that’s all.”

Nellis had something to say, but Fin silenced her with a hand gesture and returned the conversation to the main topic.

“More importantly, how about it? Do you think you will take on our favor?”

“Yes. With pleasure.”

It’s been quite the long time since Fin has heard such a pleasant response of agreement. He was unintentionally deeply moved. Leena’s own face became happy, maybe because she sensed Fin’s heart. But, it was only for a moment. Immediately after, she lowered her eyebrows in an apologetic way.

“Ah, but… know, I, can’t stand and walk, in front of you.”

As usual, Leena’s way of speaking was slightly off from that of “a human’s style”. In this case, there was no distinction to the human brother-and-sister pair whether she meant that she can’t stand or walk in front of them, or if there was a further meaning there.

Leena continued her explanation in a panic after looking at the perplexed faces of the two.

“Um, well you see, that is, in other words, it’s like this. If it’s just meeting Fin a night—Ah, umm, Nellis is okay as well, then it’s fine. But, I can’t when there are too many people awake.”

“Is it because of that seal placed on you by your parents?”

“That’s right. If I come into contact with such emotions as hatred, desire, or anger, then I’ll….be weakened. I’ll no longer be able to be visible by humans. In other words ….humans easily begin to seek power when they have those feelings. Before those types of people, I have to hide.”

It was an awkward explanation, but the logic was conveyed. Fin looked at Nellis’ face and after that, he said while feeling a bit disappointed.

“But Leena, we aren’t like….”

“It’s not all bad. It’s just that my seal is that kind of thing. If several children get hunger and scramble for nuts, or if several adults bringing the children get tired and become nervous and angry, if each one sighs at their own disappointment, no matter how small of a desire or anger…’s no good. Even if that’s not the case, daytime is filled with human ‘feelings’.”

“I’m sorry,” Leena apologized in a lonely manner. Fin shook his head.

“You don’t need to apologize. Well then, the current world must be hard for you to live in.”

“If I didn’t have a seal placed on me, then I would be all right at this amount, originally. However…I can only come out at nighttime, but is that still fine?”

“Of course. You’ll be a great help. Well then….it’s a bit sudden, but…”

Fin took out a piece of parchment that was folded in two from his pocket and opened it.

“If we are going to leave in the morning, which areas are safe?”

Moonlight flickered over the parchment laid out on the ground. Leena bent down to take a peek, and her pale, warm light mixed in with the moonlight.

“We’re here right now, right? In that case…..”

Lenna quickly raised her head and took a look around her surroundings. With her golden eyes, she was probably looking at a view that was completely different than that of a human’s. Right after, her eyes returned back to the map and she traced the main road with her finger.

“Children can probably reach around here by foot, I think? If you can reach as far as here within the day, then it’s safe. But, the Followers of Darkness do not always remain in one place. Even though those waiting in ambush do not leave their spot, there may be others that patrol the area. Be careful of them, okay?”

Leena said as she pointed her finger at a little bit ahead in the main road. Fin looked over the map and blinked his eyes.

“The place where you’re pointing at, is there anything that could act as a landmark?”

“Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry. Ummm…..let’s see, there’s a whole bunch of blue flowers blooming on the roadside. There’s also, hmmm….a small well. If it’s that area, then it’s a safe place to cross over at night.”

“I understand. Thanks.”

When Fin said his thanks and folded the map, Leena smiled sweetly. He noticed that she quietly lifted up her finger, so he stopped her hand in a panic.

“Please wait. I’m going back to the temple tonight. Plus, Nellis is here as well.”

Saying that much, Fin faced and gave a strained smile to Leena who tilted her head.

“Sometimes I want to say our goodnight’s and go to bed like a human.”

“Really? Well, then.”

Despite having a puzzled look, Leena lightly touched the forehead of each of the siblings. Drowsiness didn’t hit him right away, but Fin vaguely felt his body enter a sleeping mode. Beside him, Nellis yawned.

“Sleep well.”

Leena smiled as she said. She hesitated for only a moment, but then awkwardly leaned over and kissed Nellis’ cheek. After that, she stood on her tiptoes to Fin….

“Uwaa, no, I’m fine.”

Fin ran away in a panic. Nellis burst out laughing and Leena blinked in surprise.

“Isn’t this how you ‘say goodbye’?”

“No, well, you see. That’s something a parent would do for their child. So I guess. But that’s…you see…..In other words, I’m not a child anymore.”

Fin explained incoherently. Nellis poked his side with her elbow.

“Why don’t you also ‘say goodbye’ without thinking any weird thoughts, Big Bro? Well, I’m gonna head to bed. Good night, Leena.”

Nellis laughed while saying just that, and she waved her hand as she headed inside first. Fin saw her off with a pitiful look on his face and admired her great strength in adapting.

When he turned around, Leena was still staring at him intensely. With that, she really looked like a puppy.


“What’s with that look?” Fin pondered with his hand placed over his mouth. He picked out a single compromise.

“That’s right, Leena. You’re, you see….16. So that means I’m older than you.”

While saying that, he bent down and for just a mere moment, he placed his lips on Leena’s forehead. He thought that it felt like he was touching a cloud, but it surprisingly resembled that of a normal human being as well. Leena stared in wonder and placed her hand on the spot he touched. As her behavior was so innocent, Fin unconsciously smiled.

“Good night.”

He whispered and stepped away in a hurry. Before slipping past the door, he looked back one more time. Leena still had her hand on her forehead and stood up like that with her face turning red. But when she noticed Fin in her line of sight and returned back to her senses, she smiled shyly and waved.

“Sleep well.”

A delightful voice, almost like a child. When Fin nodded in response, Leena’s figure softly disappeared, as if dissolving into the moonlight.

[1] いくつ could be read as either “how old are you?” or “how many?”

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